Confidence (1)

  O thou that lovest as none else can love—
    O Thou that knowest as none else can know—
  O Thou that hast Thy dwelling far above
    This weary wilderness of want and woe,
  Teach us true knowledge, heavenly, divine,
  That we may live in that great love of Thine.

  We are the Living Father’s gift to Thee,
    In man’s account of less than little worth,
  But in Thy gracious estimation we
    The excellent are counted of the earth.
  This Thine appraisement is of all that leave
  Country and kindred, to Thyself to cleave.

  We are a little flock, a feeble few,
    Beset by grievous wolves and men perverse,
  Who with relentless zeal our souls pursue,
    And Thy fair fame with lying lips asperse.
  O guard us safely thro’ this moonless night
  By Thy great grace, and by Thy matchless might.

  Thou canst not be indifferent, we know,
    To all the falsehood that to light is brought;
  Thou hast Thine eye upon the wily foe,
    And all the wrong by evil angels wrought,
  And Thou well able art to deal with all
  That often does our feeble faith appal.

  Called by the Father in His grace supreme
    Apart from this vain world, we follow Thee
  To that loved land where fadeless glories gleam,
    And where Thy face with rapture we shall see:
  That world from every mortal eye concealed,
  But by Thy Spirit unto faith revealed.

  Each footstep taken thro’ this tiresome waste
    Brings us a little nearer to the goal.
  We would not hurry with irreverent haste,
    To satisfy the longing of the soul,
  For Thou to bring us there wilt not delay
  One hour when dawns the long-appointed day.

  The Father loves us, for Thee we love:
    Love, matchless love, in death made manifest,
  Knowledge-surpassing, by the Heavenly Dove
    Poured out into the erstwhile vacant breast.
  O love beyond our measure, yet we know
  It has been measured by Thy cross of woe.

  What shall we ask, then, Saviour, at Thy hand?
    We ask the power to press upon our way;
  And that still better we may understand
    The grace that guards us safe by night and day;
  Assured that till we reach our home above
  Our portion shall be love, FOR GOD IS LOVE.