Confidence (2)

  Let Thy perfect peace, Eternal
    Father, garrison my soul,
  Where the tempests from infernal
    Regions round about me roll.

  Mid the threat’ning of the thunder,
    When the lightnings blind the eye,
  When the death that seeks to sunder
    Soul and body ventures nigh.

  Shelter me Eternal Lover,
    From the life-destroying dart;
  Mid the tumult do Thou cover
    From misfortune head and heart.

  Hitherto Thy mercy tender
    Has preserved me night and day—
  Take it not, Divine Defender,
    From Thy feeble child away.

  Let me live, but not to grieve Thee,
    Not that I may sin pursue.
  But to love Thee, to believe Thee,
    To delight Thy will to do.