Hallelujah (3)

  To the Son of the Father low bend I the knee,
    I will praise Him as long as I live;
  My soul from the terrors of hades set free,
    To Him all the glory shall give.
  No one in creation but Jesus alone
    Is worthy of worship divine;
  None other has title to kingdom or throne,
    Or claim upon homage of mine.
        Praise ye the Lord! Hallelujah!
        Be His name adored! Hallelujah!
        All His deeds recite,
        Praise Him day and night—Hallelujah!
        Eulogize His cross—Hallelujah!
        Sorrow, shame and loss—Hallelujah!
        There His precious blood,
        Love’s atoning flood,
        Purchased peace with God—Hallelujah!

  Most High! most Exalted! Enthroned above all!
    The Lord of Sabaoth is He!
  His excellent name shall all nations extol,
    The world His salvation shalt see.
  No end shall His kingdom have, steadfast His throne,
    And His is the sceptre by right;
  Lo! every intelligent creature must own
    His majesty, merit and might.
        Praise Him in the heights—Hallelujah!
        Empyreal lights—Hallelujah!
        Burning seraphim
        And dread cherubim
        Raise the heavenly hymn—Hallelujah!
        Let the earth rejoice—Hallelujah!
        Oceans lift your voice—Hallelujah!
        Kings before Him fall,
        Princes, one and all,
        Own His gracious thrall—Hallelujah!

  As soft on the mown grass descendeth the rain
    The pulses of nature to cool,
  So shall He in righteousness mercy maintain,
    His princes with justice shall rule.
  His sceptre a shield from oppression shall he,
    A covert from every distress;
  As brooks of pure water in wastes flowing free,
    As a rock in a parched wilderness.
        Hark, the heavens cry, Hallelujah!
        Earth makes glad reply—Hallelujah!!
        To creations bound
        The triumphant sound
        Rolls all worlds around—Hallelujah!
        Glory give to God—Hallelujah!
        Spread His praise abroad—Hallelujah!
        His exploits recite,
        Grace, and truth, and might,
        Praise Him day and night—Hallelujah!