“He Makes the Storm a Calm”

Then they cry unto the Lord in their trouble, and He brings them out of their distresses. He makes the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still. Then are they glad because they be quiet; so he brings them unto their desired haven” (Psalm 107:28-30).

  Jesus, Saviour, Son of God, in faith I cast my soul on Thee,
  Knowing that Thou ever livest, keepest vigil over me.

  Be Thou near me, Holy Saviour, when the sun shines on my path,
  Even as when evil clouds about me gather threatening wrath;
  When the storms assail my bark, and lightnings play across the prow,
  And to swallow up my life the hungry ocean yawns, be Thou
  Near me, Lord, that I may contemplate the peace upon Thy brow.

  Be Thou near me in the black night, when the waves are swelling high,
  Making thunder in the darkness, flinging foam against the sky;
  When to right, or left, or forward, or behind, no earthly ray
  Cheers the murky gloom that mantles all my solitary way;
  Be Thou then my light, Lord Jesus, be my sun, my moon, my star,
  Shedding beams of heavenly glory on my pathway from afar,
  Earthly fogs and mists dispelling, which my prospect bright would mar.

  Hold my hand in Thine, my Saviour; hold me firmly, let me feel
  Of Thy love the strong pulsations through my fainting spirit steal.
  Succour me, when from the heavenward path my tottering steps would reel.

  If I only feel the pressure of Thy hand omnipotent,
  Which was pierced when for my sinful soul Thy holy flesh was rent—
  If I know that Thou art leading, and Thy well-known voice I hear,
  Let the way be what it may be, peaceful or begirt with fear—
  I shall dread no demon, devil, principality, or power.
  When the hosts of darkness close about me, this shall be my hour:
  In Thy might they shall be broken, conquered, scattered, made to flee,
  Like to chaff before the fury of the tempest they shall be,
  And my soul triumphant shall ascribe the glory unto Thee.

  Thou hast told me, if I trust Thee, I shall surely win the fight,
  Not by creature craft and cunning, human prowess, valour, might,
  Greater ten times are the foes that do my heavenly way withstand,
  Than the forces I, to meet them, can at any time command:
  Hence not on the arm of flesh would I for victory depend,
  But upon Thy strength, almighty Saviour, Succourer, and Friend,
  Heavenly Guide, and great Redeemer, Lover, faithful to the end.

  From the deep Thou wilt deliver, from the jaws of death and hell.
  I commit me to Thy keeping from the wrath of angels fell.
  Thou wilt be my bread and water, and my strength throughout the way,
  Thou wilt be my rod and staff my shield and shelter night and day:
  Until the SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, with healing on His wings,
  About the world the golden strands of love immortal flings,
  And all the great glad universe with “HALLELUJAH” rings.