Jesus Only

For I know that my Redeemer lives … whom I shall see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, AND NOT ANOTHER” (Job 19:23-27).

  “And not another:” endless Lover, mine!
    Who when a captive I to sin was sold,
  Compassionated me, and paid the fine—
    Nor lands, nor silver, pearls, nor purest gold—
  The ransom of my soul, Saviour Divine!
    But Thy heart’s blood: I shall Thy face behold,
      “And not another.”

  “And not another:” Thou who once didst draw
    Thy sword on my behalf, when lost I lay
  In dark transgression, curse of broken law,
    Under the pitiless oppressor’s sway,
  The stings of conscience, death’s terrific maw—
    Thee shall I contemplate in cloudless day,
      “And not another.”

  “And not another:” no, Thyself alone!
    The First! The Last! The Ransom of my soul!
  Eternal God, yet Man! Known, yet Unknown!
    Loud let Thy praises like the thunders roll
  Throughout the heavens, the earth, from pole to pole,
    For Thou shalt have the kingdom and the throne,
      “And not another.”

  “And not another:” yea, the worms destroy
    This body frail, yet, Saviour, when Thy feet
  Shall stand on Olivet to the great joy
    Of Thy companions, for that day made meet,
  My privilege it shall be to employ
    My powers to honour Thee with praises sweet,
      “And not another.”

  “And not another:” for Thy voice of might
    Shall have, ere that day dawns, Thy ransomed dead
  Brought in a shining host to heaven’s height
    From hades, from the grave, from ocean’s bed,
  Clothed with a panoply of heavenly light,
    To dwell with Thee their glorious living Head,
      “And not another.”

  “And not another:” faithful Friend and True!
    Chiefest among the many sons of light!
  Centre and Head of the creation new!
    The everlasting Father’s sole delight!
  Son of the Morning! whom they long to view
    Who vigil keep throughout the weary night,
      “And not another.”

  “And not another:” neither friend not foe.
    Nor father, mother, brother, sister, son;
  Nothing to rival thee in earth below;
    In heaven above beside Thee there is none;
  Let all the glory of creation go
    That on my vision may remain but One,