Justifier and Judge

God presents Himself in the gospel as a just God and Saviour, “That He may be just and the Justifier of him that believes in Jesus.”

A child can tell the difference between a justifier and a judge. However little a man may have offended, if he has to meet the judge he must be condemned. There is simply no hope for him. Whatever penalty the law attaches to the offence must, by the judge, be meted out to the offender. On the other hand, however great the offence may have been, if it is before his justifier the offender has to appear, he must be justified. The judge cannot justify and maintain his character; the justifier cannot judge, else he is not a justifier. Now in the gospel God speaks to man as justifier. But it is in Christ He addresses man. “Whosoever believes on Him shall receive remission of sins.”