Our Desires

  O for the power to praise Him as we would!
    O for the grace to serve Him as we ought!
  O for the faith to follow as we should!
    O for a tongue to tell what He has wrought!

  O to be waiting for His sure return,
    Ready to welcome Him when He draws near!
  Oil in our vessels with our lamps to burn
    Through the long night that marks His absence here.

  Saviour Divine, the Spirit and the Bride
    Are crying, Come, for Thou hast tarried long.
  Come for Thy members for which Thou hast died!
    Come for the souls which unto Thee belong!

  Come, for where Thou art not no rest have we!
    Come, for our home is with Thyself on high!
  Come, for our longing is Thy face to see!
    Hear, O Beloved, hear our ceaseless cry!