Until the day shall break, and shadows flee
    Which from infernal regions earth invade,
    And He whom every human eye shall see
    Shall come with might and majesty arrayed—
  Till then shall violence unfettered reign,
  And guiltless blood the field of battle stain.

  Till He shall come, whose voice like thunder loud
    The pillars of the universe shall shake,
  And all the arrogant and godless proud
    Shall at His presence like the aspen quake
  Till then the man that to the earth lays claim
  Shall nations sack with sword and fire and flame.

  Till He shall come, to whom by right belong
    The throne, the kingdom, glory, power, and might
  Till He shall plant His foot upon the wrong,
    And from the dust lift crushed and bleeding right—
  Till then shall kings and kingdoms rise and fall,
  And woeful wars for hapless victims call.

  Till He shall come, who shall the glittering sword
    Into a ploughshare beat, and ruthless spear
  Into a pruning-hook, must red blood poured
    Forth from the fainting heart the earth besmear—
  Till then when shall appear the Prince of Peace
  Must fearful sights and sorrows sore increase.

  Until that day with earnest voice we cry,
    Come, O Beloved: Why delay so long?
  Our importunity do not deny:
    Come in Thy love so mighty, true, and strong.
  Already beams of morn the night clouds lace;
  Come, Jesus Lord, we long to see Thy face.