Christ Everything

Where songs of human friendships
The souls of mortals move,
There my song shall be of Jesus
And His immortal love.
Love sovran and supreme,
Defying tainture fell:
On that love my soul relying
Knows a joy no tongue can tell.
He came from light eternal
To darkness and to woe,
Yea, to curse and condemnation—
Love’s wonders none can know.
Higher they are than heaven,
Deeper than is the grave;
Love has made my soul for ever
And for evermore its slave.
He bore my black offences
Confessed them as His own,
And when man-rejected, suffered
God’s wrath in darkness lone.
Love measureless and true!
Omnipotent! Divine!
Love eternal, matchless, changeless!
That has made my heart its shrine.
He told me of the Father,
A home on high prepared,
And than earthly music sweeter
In His life-giving word.
His voice my soul has thrilled,
His face I long to see;
And in living or in dying