Come and See

(John 1:39)
If ye would know the place where I abide,
Take up your cross and follow after Me,
Despised, reproached, rejected, vilified,
Cast out for My, name’s sake, and Come and see.
How could the splendour of the place be told
In words that mortal creatures such as ye
Might understand? Its glories multifold
To publish words are feeble. Come and see.
Its brightness from the denizens of earth
To all eternity must secret be,
But manifest to all of heavenly birth
By God’s free Spirit: therefore, Come and see
The Father’s bosom! Who could this dilate?
The infinitude of such felicity,
The joys immortal, matchless, increate,
Reached by no flight of fancy! Come and see
Oh, come and see, for I so long to take
Companions to that home along with Me;
Where from each overflowing heart shall wake
Eternal praises. Come, Oh, Come and see.