Eternal Love

Saints of the heavenly places, raise
The voice with one accord,
And in a song of grateful praise
Exalt our Sovereign Lord,
For He is great,
Worthy to be adored.
How could His blood-redeemed forget
His service here below?
How bitter cross and curse He met
To save our souls from woe?
Remembered be
How much to Him we owe!
In lowly grace from Godhead form
To man’s estate He came,
Not in the whirlwind and the storm
Engirt with fiery flame,
Else lost were all
Who thro’ the fall
Children of wrath became.
But as a Man the earth He trod,
That erring man might know
The loving-kindness of the God
He had esteemed His foe,
For He unsought
Escape had brought
From darkness and from woe.
And we who had been captives held
By our oppressor strong,
From God our Maker good compelled
To wander working wrong,
By grace made free,
For ever we
Shall sing salvation’s song.
Not brought again to innocence
From which the creature fell,
His bountiful omnipotence
In praises forth to tell,
Our Father’s heart
Has given us part
With His Beloved to dwell.
And what could Love do more than this?
And what could we desire?
Love could not bring to greater bliss,
Exists no blessing higher:
This place the Son
For us has won
Saved from dishonour dire.
Before the Father’s unveiled face
In blessedness supreme,
Brought there by everlasting grace
Where love and glory gleam;
There glad to raise
Our song of praise,
Eternal love the theme.