Lest I Forget

Search me, O God, and by Thy living Word,
Bring into light the secrets of the heart;
Within my being let Thy voice be heard,
And bid all darkness from my soul depart.
Search me, O God; my ruling passion know,
Lest in my inmost heart, beyond my ken,
Should evil fancies be allowed to grow,
And Thy sweet word be put to silence then.
Search me, O God; those hidden depths reveal,
I cannot sound the secrets of my soul,
But Thou canst search, and pardon, cleanse, and heal,
And keep me under Thy benign control.
Search me, O God; of every rebel thought
Take Thou in mercy great minute account;
Let every base desire to light be brought
And pitilessly slaughtered at the fount.
Search me, O God, lest in some wilful way
My footsteps wander in my ignorance,
And I discover not myself astray
Till I am taken in some fell mischance.
Search me, O God; for in Thyself alone
Is all my confidence, my hope, and trust;
Low at Thy feet behold Thy servant prone,
And hear his prayer arising from the dust.
Search me, O God; and in the endless way,
The pathway of Thy ever gracious will,
Lead Thou me onward till the perfect day
When righteousness the universe shall fill.
And then afar from every form of ill,
I shall recall the matchless sovereign grace,
That called me, kept me, led me onward, till
To rest and home the weary waste gave place.
Thy searchings then to end shall have been brought
With all the evils that my soul annoy,
And only shall remain “WHAT GOD HATH WROUGHT,”
To my eternal happiness and joy.
Meantime, and while upon my homeward way,
Before Thy throne upon my bended knee,
Lest I forget—lest I my Lord betray—
Search me, O God, my cry is unto Thee.