Love Unspeakable

Sons of the living and eternal Father,
Heirs of a kingdom that cannot be moved,
Sing ye of love, but not the earthly, rather
Love that more puissant than death has proved.
Sons of immortal birth,
Pilgrims awhile on earth,
Passing to glory,
Raise the voice sweet and strong,
Fill this wide world with song,
Sing of love all day long
Songs laudatory.
Where He dishonoured was there give Him glory,
Where they derided Him publish His praise;
Here in this world with its trespasses hoary
Tell of His excellent and perfect ways.
Far as a thought has reached
Let His fair name be preached
Publish His story
Unto earth’s limits broad,
Wherever man has trod
Give to the Son of God
Honour and glory.
Found in a manger where the beasts were feeding,
Seen in the sorrows of a pathway lone;
Proved on a gibbet, wounded, bruised, and bleeding,
Known, and yet never in its greatness known.
Love that can never fade,
Love that for sins has made
Perfect purgation.
Love to men manifest,
Love in a Man expressed,
Love the for ever blest
Pulse of creation.
Breathed from the centre of the light surrounding
God unapproachable, by man unseen!
Sing of its advent, and of grace abounding,
Which for our rescue into death had been.
Seen by the universe
Made for our souls a curse,
Lone and forsaken.
Then the sun veiled his face,
Night did the day efface,
Hell led the human race
All things were shaken.
Praise ye the Lord! Let the redeemed creation
Join in your joyance, and exalt the Lamb;
Fall at His feet in holy adoration,
Wake the wide world with the eternal psalm.
Heaven of heavens above,
Sons of immortal love,
Join in the singing.
Centre supreme of light,
Clouds, moon and stars of night,
Storms in your awful might
Praise to Him bringing.