Made Fit

Blest be the living Father
Who in unfathomed grace
Sent His own Son to gather
Out from a fallen race,
Souls made fit to inherit
All that His hands have made,
Found without might or merit,
Rebels in rags arrayed.
Yet, not their vile condition
Him from His purpose drave,
Gave He His Son a mission
Them from their woes to save.
Yea, should the cost be sorrows,
Sorrows that none had known;
Yea, if thro’ infinite horrors
He for their sins must atone.
Nothing His mercy deterring,
He shall His path pursue,
They must be rescued thro’ erring,
Ransomed and made anew,
Meet for the Father’s pleasure,
When His great work is done,
Loved with a love without measure,
Jewels His woes have won.
Once was I sin-polluted,
Now by His grace divine
Cleansed from defilement, suited
High in His home to shine;
Fit for the realms supernal,
Fit for the Father’s sight,
Fit by the life eternal,
Fit for those courts of light;
Fit as my God can make me,
Fit for His home of love,
Fit, should He come to take me
Hence to His heaven above;
Fit by the Father’s favour,
Fit in His high esteem,
Fit by the altar and laver,
Fit thro’ His grace supreme;
Fit, and to glory going,
Fit by water and blood,
From His pierced body flowing,
Meeting the claims of God;
Fit for the fadeless glory—
Ye who that home would share,
Golden-haired, ay, or hoary,
Seek ye a sanctum there.
Once in the wilds I wandered,
Once the blind night I trod,
Years in rebellion squandered,
Caring nothing for God.
If, mid the things that charmed me,
Came for a moment fleet
Voices that deep alarmed me,
Rumours of wrath to meet.
Filled was my soul with terror,
Fevered were heart and brain,
Seeing my way of error
Led to eternal pain.
Worthless were carnal pleasures
Bringing a joyance brief,
If, when shall fade my treasures,
Comes everlasting grief?
Black was my night around me,
Moonless the leaden skies,
Till my Redeemer found me,
Carried me off His prize.
This is my simple story,
Such was His way with me;
Saved by His matchless merit,
Soon shall I with Him be.
Now in His service hoary
Born by the Word of God,
Sealed by His Holy Spirit,
Led by His staff and rod.
Jesus my Friend and Leader
Soon I His home shall share—
But shall I every reader
See in His glory there?