Misunderstood: with spirit unobtrusive
We pass along this world’s unquiet way;
Friends faithless fail us, foes with words abusive
Assail our ears, and thus we fill our day,
Misunderstood: how could it be expected
That light would be by darkness eulogised?
Or love by hatred? Was not Christ rejected,
Reproached, reviled, dishonoured, mocked, despised,
Misunderstood: it may be they accuse us
Of things which to our minds have never come;
Buffet with falsehood foul, bespate, abuse us—
Pass on, my soul, to slander deaf and dumb,
Misunderstood: why should we worry o’er it?
It comes, like all things earthly, to an end.
Our living Lord and Master meekly bore it,
And suffered death, by every human friend
Misunderstood: not this our grief, but glory;
The earthly never can the heavenly know.
Not wiser grows the world, tho’ old and hoary,
And therefore must the sons of God be so
Misunderstood! but here we must be careful,
Lest hard and haughty should our spirits grow.
Make us, O Lord, more watchful and more prayerful
That we may bless when we are cursed, aitho’
Misunderstood: when we are manifested
Before His judgment seat, and in His sight;
And when the work and motive both are tested,
Then every soul shall in that living light
Be understood.
Yes, understood: Oh, haste that day eternal,
When every eye the Christ of God shall see,
When bright shall shine His saints in bliss supernal,
And every workman and his work shall be