Our Father

Father! Most High! Most Holy! Most Supreme!
Revealed in Jesus, by whose mighty hand
Thou sentest forth, from death us to redeem,
That we in light before Thy face should stand
A multitude of sons, a blameless band,
Within Thy house, where deathless glories gleam,
Where myriads celestial stand before Thee,
For ever and ever to adore Thee.
Our voices rise to Thee in ceaseless song,
Thy wonders we declare, we worship Thee;
Glory and greatness unto Thee belong!
Low at Thy footstool glad we bow the knee—
Free in Thy presence, by Thy favour free!—
And tell Thee what our ransomed spirits long
To tell Thee, and shall tell Thee, gracious Father,
When in Thy house with gladness great we gather.
Thou art our Father, and we know Thy name,
That name by Jesus unto us declared;
He who to earth in Thy compassions came,
And in the sorrows of Thy chosen shared,
And caused Thy voice life-giving to be heard
Within their souls, and gave them right to claim
Relationship with Thee in spheres supernal,
And in the blessedness of life eternal.
In Thee is our delight, for we are Thine,
Thy children tho’ we wander in this waste;
Born of Thy Spirit, by Thy life divine
Quickened, and in Thy Well-Beloved graced.
Onward and upward to the goal we haste,
There in His beauty with Himself to shine;
There where Thy counsels—creature thought confounding—
Crowned are with glory and with grace abounding.
Filled with Thy favour great our hearts o’erflow!
Speak we our praises in Thy holy ear.
How hast Thou given us in grace to know
Love that has banished from our bosoms fear!
Dear to Thy heart are we as Christ is dear,
Loved with the love which dwelt on Him below;
Love giving everything, and nought demanding!
Love that surpasses all our understanding!
Oh, the delight, the bliss, of knowing Thee,
The satisfaction of the human heart!
Oh, the deep blessedness of being free
To have with Jesus everlasting part!
Thou the true source of every blessing art,
The fount of infinite felicity,
And love, and life, and goodness, grace, and glory!
Radiant in Jesus and His wondrous story!