Our Redeemer

Beloved, with gladness eternal,
O worship the Saviour supreme.
Praise Him who from glories supernal
Descended, our souls to redeem.
Hallelujah! again, Hallelujah!
With heart and with voice yet again!
O praise ye the Lord! Hallelujah!
The mighty Redeemer of men!
God blessed for ever and ever!
Creator! Preserver of all!
Son! come as Saviour, to sever
Our souls from sin’s horrible thrall.
Has He not the claim to our praises?
Has He not the right to our love,
Who gave His life freely to raise us
To glories immortal above?
Let the waste with our joyance be ringing,
Let the world hear our shout and our song,
Ye blood-redeemed, join in the singing,
The praise of your Saviour prolong.
Eternity shall not suffice us
To publish the love of His heart,
That love that did early entice us
With everything earthly to part.
O grace that no creature can measure!
O love that no limit hath found!
Our permanent portion and treasure
When grace hath with glory been crowned.
Hallelujah! again, Hallelujah!