Praise ye the Saviour! Praise Him in the morning,
Ere is the battle of your life begun;
Praise Him when dayspring is the hills adorning;
Praise Him when labour of the day is done.
Praise Him when vapours veil the face of heaven,
Praise Him when neither moon or star appears,
Praise Him when lightnings have creation riven,
Praise Him when thunders wake the watcher’s fears.
Praise Him in springtide when the world is waking,
When all the forest tribes the morn salute,
When wildernesses from the brume upbreaking
Sing with the fruitful field, nor can be mute.
Praise Him in summertide, the south wind blowing,
Praise Him in autumn mid the falling leaves,
Praise Him when merrily the men are mowing,
And when they gather in the golden sheaves.
Praise Him in winter, when the earth is iron,
When at its breath the singing brooks congeal:
Praise Him when nebulae the earth environ,
And when the bitter blasts the fountains seal.
Praise Him in youth while still the heart is tender,
And in your middle age, ye men of might:
Praise Him at eventide: to Jesus render
Honour and glory, morning, noon, and night.
Praise Him who gave Himself in grace eternal,
Trod for our rescue depths of darkness lone;
Praise Him who overthrew our foe infernal,
Praise Him for ever for His love unknown,
Praise Him while life and breath to you are given,
Wake the world’s auricle with sacred song;
Tho’ with a sorrow great the soul be riven
Every day praise Him, and the whole day long.