Praise ye the Lord!

Praise ye the Lord!
To Him accord
The glory and the might.
Eternal Son!
In Godhead One!
Object of heaven’s delight!
Bow low the knee,
For truly He
Worthy of worship is;
And we indeed
His praise should lead,
For we thro’ grace are His.
From the estate
Of Godhead great,
From form of the Unseen,
From realms of light
Where angels bright
His servitors had been.
In wondrous grace
From that high place
He came the lost to seek,
And unto us
In Manhood thus
Of God’s great love to speak.
He entered earth
By lowly birth,
And in a servant’s state
To death He went
Our sins to expiate.
By men blasphemed,
By God esteemed,
By angel hosts adored;
Of demons fell
The terrors tell
The glory of the Lord.
He bore the cross,
His was the loss
Endured to set us free;
He bore the blame,
The curse, the shame—
O let us bend the knee!
For we who once
By fell mischance
Degraded and undone
And now thro’ grace
Heirs of the place
By His afflictions won;
A home, a place,
The best that grace,
That wisdom, could conceive,
Or Godhead might
Tho’ infinite
Was able to achieve;
A place, a state
Where glory great
Sends living rays abroad;
A home of love
All praise above!
The bosom of our God.