Remember Me

Now that ’tis well with thee, Belov’d for ever,
Well thro’ the sorrows I endured for thee,
Freed from the fetters I alone could sever,
Hast thou, my blood-redeemed, forgotten Me
Brought out of darkness, death, and seas of sorrow
Into the transport of a life divine,
What joys await thee must a blissful morrow
Tell where the emerald and jasper shine:
Brought to the knowledge of the living Father,
Set as a son before His unveiled face,
There where the ransomed shall rejoicing gather,
There where the glory great shall crown the grace:
There where the armies of the High and Holy
Wear the imperishable anadem,
There shall they think upon the Meek and Lowly
Treading the solitudes of death for them.
Yea, and the love which had their souls befriended
When under death, and where that love brought Me,
Depths into which I for their sakes descended,
When I the judgment bore for them and thee:
Made the abominable thing God hateth,
Dying My death upon a gibbet lone,
Shedding for thee the blood that expiateth
Sins, to the glory of the heavenly throne.
Now it is well with thee, and well for ever,
Glory thy destiny, thy cloudless goal,
Never can I, Belov’d, forget thee, never,
Never can it be evil with thy soul.
Now in this doleful day of My rejection
I who have suffered and been set at naught
Earnestly long to witness Mine election
Give to My body and My blood a thought.
Only remember what for thee I suffered
When God-forsaken on the cursed tree,
When for thy sinful soul My soul I offered.
Now it is well with thee REMEMBER ME.