The Bright Morning Star

Ye who love the Lord of Glory,
Men of heavenly race;
Ye who know the deathless story
Of His everlasting grace;
Ye who worldly glories scorning,
All for Him forsake,
Soon the Star of cloudless morning
Bright upon your eyes shall break.
Ye who tread this waste in sorrow,
Weary of the way,
Watching till the signs of morrow
Pierce the welkin cold and grey;
Where eternal love is beaming
In that region fair
Is the Star of Morning gleaming
Gloriously beyond compare.
Where the glory shines supernal
Has our home been made;
Never foot of foe infernal
Dare its precincts pure invade.
He is there who bore our sorrow,
For our sins was slain;
Here we watch until the morrow
When He shall return again.
Let our love then not be waning,
Faith must never fail;
By the grace of God sustaining
Certainly we shall prevail.
Let us bear reproach, rejection,
Let us firmly stand,
Spite of cowardly defection
Manifest on every hand.
What have we on earth without Him
What in heaven high?
How could we distrust or doubt Him,
Knowing that He could not lie?
Never has He promise broken,
Why then should we fear?
He will come as He has spoken,
And the day is drawing near.
All impatient is our longing
Our Beloved to see
Where His ransomed thousands thronging
At His footstool bend the knee.
Let us then in faith invite Him,
Let no spirit dumb
Cause us to so ill requite Him
As not once to hid Him come.
Oh, we love Him! We adore Him!
This He knoweth well;
Let us come and kneel before Him,
At His feet His praises tell!
Let us tell Him how we sorrow
While He stays away,
How we long to greet the morrow,
And the glorious Star of day.
For the hour of Thy returning
Wait we here and watch and pray.