The Heart's Longing

Oh, to be here for my Saviour,
Oh, to be true to His Name,
Here in this place of rejection,
Here where they put Him to shame.
Oh, to keep spotless my raiment,
Safe from the soil of the world.
Oh, with the faithful to follow
Under His banner unfurled.
This is my infinite longing
Here for His pleasure to be.
Thou who hast died to redeem me
Help me to glorify Thee.
Thine am I, mighty Redeemer.
Thine am I, bought by Thy blood
Back from the brink of destruction
Brought to the bosom of God.
Sins done away with for ever,
Satan, whose fetters I wore,
Bruised in his stronghold and broken,
Death can appal me no more.
This is my infinite longing, etc.
Now with the faithful I find me,
Those who confess Thee as Lord;
Those who to Thee all the greatness,
Glory and honour accord.
Join we our voices together,
Sing we Thy praises again,
Here where despised and rejected
Thou by Thy creature wast slain.
This is my infinite longing, etc.
Not a path pleasant and peaceful,
Marked by the favour of man;
Not the world's friendship I look for,
Rather I welcome its ban.
Here where the Master had sorrow
How could the servant have bliss,
Were he not guilty of treason
Black as the evil abyss?
This is my infinite longing, etc.
Boldly, Great Captain, to battle
Strong in Thy strength I would go.
Say to my soul, I am with Thee:
Fear not the face of the foe.
Timid am I and faint-hearted,
Fain from the conflict would fly.
Make me, O Saviour, immortal,
Ready if need be to die.
This is my infinite longing, etc.
Glad on my vision the glory
Gleams from the place Thou art gone,
Through the deep gloom that surrounds me,
Here where I wait for the dawn.
Haste Thee, Bright Star of the Morning,
Break thro' the clouds of the night,
Come in Thy beauty and glory,
Majesty, mercy, and might.
This is my infinite longing, etc.