The Wisdom of God

Wisdom infinite eternal,
Thou by whom the worlds were made,
Daily at Thy gates supernal,
Where Thy treasures are displayed,
Stand I with attentive ear
Life-imparting words to hear.
Godhead counsel, thoughts surprising,
Purposes of Love Divine,
Brighter than the sun, are rising
On this wondering heart of mine;
Thoughts that hold my soul in thrall,
Marvellous conceptions all.
Here I witness the unfolding
Of the living Father’s thought;
Here with soul entranced beholding
Purpose to fruition brought,
Founded on the work once done
By the sorrows of the Son.
Deep designs that ere creation
Occupied the mind of God,
I in holy admiration
Contemplate with feet unshod:
For our glory then prepared,
Now in Spirit power declared.
Cloudless morning see I breaking,
Dawn of an eternal day;
Hear I holy song awaking,
Ravishing the heavenly lay,
Jesus and His cross of shame
Mingled with the Father’s name.
World of wonders! Realm lucific!
Flight of fancy far above;
Vision blissful, beatific,
Masterpiece of matchless Love!
Length and breadth and depth and height,
Sphere of glory infinite!
Who this world of light shall enter?
Who shall worthy be esteemed,
Where the Christ is sun and centre,
His companions blood-redeemed?
To that high and holy place
Bring me, Saviour, in Thy grace.