Thine the Glory

Saviour, now on high exalted,
Once despised and set at naught,
Man derided, God forsaken,
Basely to a gibbet brought,
Branded as a malefactor,
Pierced thro’ hands and feet and side,
Loathed by princes, peers and people,
Friendless, mocked, betrayed, denied.
Blessed be Thy name for ever!
Blessed be that love divine
That at such a cost would make us
Thine, almighty Saviour, Thine.
Infinite, eternal Lover!
Who, when we were found perverse,
Took our place in loving-kindness,
Bore the blame, the wrath, the curse;
Made Thine own our dark offences,
Passed into the bitter night,
When the fiery sword of justice
Woke the sinful soul to smite.
Unto Thee be power and glory!
This to us by right belongs
Thee to bless as blood-washed sinners
In our best and sweetest songs.
By Thy dying Thou hast opened.
Unto us salvation’s way;
King and subject, prince and people,
May be blest, and blest today.
None too guilty to be pardoned,
None too vile to come to Thee,
Every soul on earth is welcome;
Grace can save, and grace is free.
Thine the glory everlasting!
Honour, majesty and might
Be to Thee in earthly places,
And in heaven’s highest height.
Never grace like Thine was heard of,
Never sacrifice so great,
Never death so great, so glorious,
Sins like mine to expiate.
Oh, the grace, the love, the mercy!
Oh, the work for sinners wrought!
Perfect, powerful, peace-imparting!
Work with wondrous blessing fraught.
Be Thy glorious name exalted,
Faithful Friend to fallen men!
Unto Thee our gladsome voices
Wake the echoes once again.
Lord of all the worlds created!
Lord confessed by Thy redeemed,
Lord of heaven, Lord of angels,
Lord by hierarchs esteemed.
Unto Thee be all dominion!
When Thy name shall mentioned be,
Heavenly, earthly, and infernal
Beings lowly bend the knee.
Blessed be Thy name for ever!
Blessed be the love divine,
That at such a cost has made us
Thine, for ever Saviour, Thine!