What Seek Ye?

(John 1:38)
What seek ye? Is it silver? Is it gold?
To gain such things ’twer vain to follow me.
My abject poverty your eyes behold—
Wayworn and travel-tainted—What seek ye?
What seek ye? Is it concert with the great?
With princes proud, with nobles would ye be?
Companionship with men of high estate?
Grandeur and worldly greatness? What seek ye
What seek ye? Is it pleasure? Is it power?
Wisdom or folly? Is it gaiety?
While from the shades before you darkly lower
Terrors of loss eternal? What seek ye?
What seek ye? Is it life beyond the grave
In resurrection—immortality?
Is it a sight of the Unseen ye crave?
What is it that ye covet? What seek ye?
What seek ye? Would ye see the Father’s face,
And in His holy presence bend the knee,
Where shines the glory of eternal grace,
And seraphs veil their faces? What seek ye?