Salvation (2)

  Come, let us sing unto the Lord victorious!
    The conflict ended is, the field is ills.
  Shout, shout aloud! Proclaim His triumph glorious!
    Far spread His fame, for He the conqueror is.

  In dread array the might of hell was mustered,
    The nations raged, the prince of darkness led;
  Fell hosts about the Lord’s Anointed clustered,
    But in the brunt of battle broke and fled.

  Their ranks, the whirlwind of His fury burning,
    Felt, as too late they turned in headlong flight,
  His whelming waves of vengeance, overturning
    Man, horse, and chariot, in that blind night.

  Dashed down, deep driven to destruction, never
    To rise again, is all the godless throng;
  By death He overcame, and crushed forever
    The whole dread power of the oppressor strong.

  A passage out from death and bondage grieving,
    Through death He carved in resurrection might;
  Then let us sing with joyful hearts, receiving
    The great salvation He has brought to light.

  The sprinkled lintel met the dread avenger,
    And stilled the fury of his fiery brand;
  Now far from slavery, and death, and danger
    Of condemnation through God’s grace we stand.

  Brought unto God! The wilderness is nothing,
    The springing well is there, His presence blest,
  And manna—He will furnish food and clothing—
    Then let us hasten on to God’s own rest.

  The land is good! Its bubbling brooks and fountains
    Break on our ears, and call our spirits on.
  We see in vision verdant vales and fountains,
    And in our hearts is the eternal dawn.

  The Son of God, our Saviour, Leader, Master,
    And great High Priest who knows our feeble state.
  Drawn by His love, we dread no dark disaster,
    Heaven is before our hearts, and glory great.