Satisfaction (2)

  Son of the Living God, supreme
    In earth and heaven above,
  Crowned where angelic glories gleam,
  Where, in eternal brightness beam
    The Father’s grace and love.

  With my whole heart I will Thee praise
    Nor shall I silent be;
  While I have power my voice to raise,
  Throughout my earthly pilgrim days
    My song shall be of Thee.

  The world through which my journey lies
    To Thy bright rest above,
  Spreads all its charms before mine eyes
  My soul with tinsel to entice
    That I might from Thee rove.

  And for the life which Thou hast given
    No nourishment I find,
  Save that which falleth down from heaven,
  Whence, through the veil of Byssus riven,
    The light of love has shined.

  Here, burning sand my footsteps greet
    Upon my pilgrim way;
  The naked waste gives no retreat
  From furious foe, or fiery heat,
    Or sanguinary fray.

  Thou art my shelter, Living Lord;
    The Bread on which I feed,
  My Rock, with living water stored—
  For ever be Thy name adored!
    My soul can know no need.

  Yea, Thou art everything to me,
    Star of the morning bright;
  Thy love, declared in death, I see,
  Thy glory and Thy victory,
    In resurrection might.

  Thou hast the Father’s name declared,
    The Father’s love hast shown;
  And I Thy heavenly voice have heard,
  Thy powerful life-imparting Word
    My inmost soul has known.

  What is the garish world to me,
    Its tinsel and its joys?
  Thy glory and Thy grace I see,
  My soul is satisfied with Thee,
    And earth no more annoys.