The Father’s Council

  Father, our ransomed souls would bless Thy name,
    As all Thy counsels deep before us shine,
  Formed ere the spacious earth or starry frame—
    Counsels of love eternal, love Divine.

  Before Thy works of old, Thine eye beheld
    That radiant sphere where Thou in love wouldst rest;
  Where love’s eternal triumphs would be swelled
    By those with favour satisfied and blest.

  ’Twas man that filled Thy vision, not the host
    Which flame before Thy throne in splendour bright
  Man having in Thyself his holy boast,
    Thy love, of his rejoicing heart, the light.

  Brought near before Thy face, within the veil,
    To worship Thee, man only Thou hast sought;
  Nor can one thought of Thine, blest Father, fail,
    For by almighty power Thy love has wrought.

  Thou wouldst have us with Thee, that we might find
    In Thine own self our everlasting joy;
  Thy holy love the strength of heart and mind,
    Thy praises sweet our ceaseless blest employ.

  Like Jesus there! Oh, with what great delight
    Thou shalt survey His fellows glorified!
  Made God’s own righteousness, and clothed in white,
    Their place forever by His faithful side.

  In Thy Son’s image! What could love do more
    At home with Him, His own deep joy to share;
  And, of His mighty love’s exhaustless store,
    Partake to endless satisfaction there.

  O house of heavenly love! Thy love! The Son’s!
    In life, and light, and glory, there to rest,
  Where joy unspeakable breaks forth in tones
    In heavenly melody from all the blest.

  We praise Thee! Thou who art all praise above,
    Who for Thyself our wayward hearts hast won;
  Blest be Thy faithful, everlasting love,
    Our portion in Thy well, beloved SON.

“To the praise of the glory of His grace, wherein He has made us accepted in the Beloved” (Ephesians 1:6).