The Father’s Love (2)

  FATHER on high, our souls rise up to Thee,
    Forth from our lips flow ceaseless songs of praise,
  As graced in Thy Beloved, glad and free,
    We bask in Thy great love’s life-giving rays.

  That love that from Thy heart, warm, strong, and true,
    Broke through the gloom of earth’s long wintry night,
  In Him who in Thy bosom dwelt, and knew
    Its fullness, heavenly blessedness, and might.

  All that within the veil for ages long
    In secret from our gaze was darkly pent,
  Has now become the subject of our song,
    For in the death of Christ the veil was rent.

  And there Thy nature, hitherto unknown,
    Thy love, Thy truth, Thy grace and righteousness,
  Have been declared; and in that radiant zone
    Of light rise up our ravished hearts to bless.

  O, glorious light! whose every grateful ray
    Hath power to cause the lifeless soul to live,
  To turn the gloom of midnight into day,
    And to the sorrowing spirit gladness give.

  Love fathomless we bless in blessing Thee,
    For Thou art LOVE. Our souls with wonder here
  And joy unspeakable bow low the knee,
    And worship in that cloudless atmosphere.

    In, and with whom, we have been brought Thee,
  Through that great deed upon Golgotha done,
    That fills our beating hearts with ecstasy.

  Things for our glory Thou hast long prepared,
    And e’en the world must learn how we are blest;
  But when the heavens those secrets have declared,
    Thy BOSOM, Father, is our home and rest.

  For Thou wouldst have us there, Thee to adore,
    Father supreme, Thy face in light to see,
  Where everlasting pleasures dwell—yet more
    Thy joy in us than all our joy in Thee.

  Godhead and power divine the worlds declare,
    Omnipotence surrounding us we see,
  Thy wisdom speaks from heaven, earth and air,
    But as OUR FATHER we draw near to Thee.

  Sons with Thy Son! We have our part with Him—
    Like Him before Thy face through endless days!
  This fills our cup of blessing to the brim,
    And wakes within us everlasting praise.

  Feeble our song, but grateful to Thine ear
    From hearts responsive to Thy Holy love;
  Thou lov’st the voices of Thy sons to hear
    Resounding through Thy courts of light above.

  Thou lovest us, for we have Jesus loved!
    His grace to us how can it all be told?
  In death’s dread night of judgment fully proved
    When o’er His soul wrath’s billow darkly rolled.

  Our hearts o’erflow! The volume of our praise,
    Like to an ocean swells within our breast,
  But fails the mortal tongue that song to raise
    In which our bursting hearts would be expressed.

  These bodies vile! The Saviour we await
    With power to fashion them like to His own;
  Enthroned around Thy throne in glory great,
    Then shall we praise with power on earth unknown.

  O holy living Father! God of light,
    And love, and peace, and truth, and righteousness!
  With heart, and soul, and strength Thy saints unite
    Thy name—the Father’s and the Son’s to bless.