The Great Day

When the Son of Man comes in His glory
    With the angels of God in His train,
  The heavens shall shake at His presence,
    And the wide earth shall tremble again.
  At the tread of its mighty Creator
    Creation shall quake to the soul,
  From their chambers shall leap the red lightnings,
    And the thunders shall wrathfully roll.
        And His saints shall be voicing
        His praises, rejoicing
          In holy accord,
        And hosts throned in glory
        Shall publish His story—
          O fear ye the Lord!

  O then every eye shall behold Him:
    The nation which nailed to the tree
  Their thorn-crowned and man-mocked Messiah
    Him highly exalted shall see.
  Let the blind receive sight for to see Him:
    Let the deaf hear His heavenly voice:
  Let the proud of heart fall at His footstool
    Let the meek in His mercy rejoice.
        For His saints shall be voicing
        His praises, rejoicing
          In lofty accord,
        And His marvellous story
        Shall resound from the glory—
          Exalt ye the Lord!

  The heavens which gladly received Him
    When the world in its hatred insane,
  Led on by the fell fiend infernal,
    Derided His title to reign,
  Now swing back before Him their portals,
    While panoplied potentates bow,
  As through the blue dome He descendeth
    With diadems bright on His brow.
        And celestials are voicing
        His praises, rejoicing
          In glorious accord,
        And His life-giving story
        Bursts forth from the glory—
          O praise ye the Lord!

  Bow the knee in the dust low before Him;
    Let stout-hearted warriors quail;
  Let the wide world, assembled for judgment
    Its scarlet transgressions bewail;
  For the Kingdom, the might, and the glory
    By right unto Jesus belong.
  Woe, woe to the soul who resists Him!
    Woe, woe to the workers of wrong!
        For His hosts are loud voicing
        His praises, rejoicing
          In loyal accord,
        And His excellent story
        Is heard from the glory—
          Rejoice in the Lord!

  As the sun which disperses the darkness
    From hill-top and valley away,
  And gladdens the hearts of the weary
    With the light and the comfort of day,
  So drives He from spirits disheartened
    The griefs of the earth sorrow-strawed,
  And brings to the heart-broken mortal
    The grace and the comforts of God.
        And the earth is now voicing
        His praises rejoicing
          In matchless accord,
        While abroad goes His story
        Encircled with glory—
          Bless the name of the Lord!

  Ye mountains, break forth into singing;
    Ye storms, let your laughter be heard:
  Ye oceans, exult in your gladness,
    And firmament framed by His word.
  Leap lightnings before your Creator:
    Rail, thunders, your welcomes abroad:
  Glad heart of blood-ransomed creation
    Shout aloud at the presence of God.
        For ALL THINGS are now voicing
        His praises, rejoicing
          In lasting accord,
        And His wonderful story
        Is crowned by the glory—
          O worship the Lord!