The Risen Christ

  We live in the life of the risen Christ,
    Who has broken the power of death,
  And declared the love of our God above
    With His first and latest breath.
  The heavens are riven, and the Spirit given,
    And He lives in our hearts thro’ faith.

  We walk in the light of the risen Christ
    Thro’ a bare and barren waste;
  On Himself we feed, and the grace we need
    At our tent door God has placed,
  And in His strength we shall come at length
    To the home to which we haste.

  We speak in the faith of the risen Christ,
    And we tell of His heavenly grace,
  How He left the throne that was all His own
    And took the sinner’s place,
  And bowed to the grave, that He might save
    A vile, apostate race.

  We war in the might of the risen Christ
    With the fell infernal powers;
  We fear not the fight, for our armour bright
    Repels the noxious showers,
  And thro’ fire and flame, in His great name,
    The victory shall be ours.

  We stand in the strength of the risen Christ,
    With the sword of the Spirit drawn,
  And the helmet bright with the power and light
    Of God’s salvation on,
  And with faith’s sure shield we shall hold the geld
    Till the day of the Lord shall dawn.

  We wait in the patience of that same Christ
    For the clear and cloudless day,
  When the glory of God diffused abroad
    Shall drive the night away,
  And from pole to pole, over every soul,
    His sceptre He shall sway.

  Sustained by the power of this risen Christ
    We work, and watch, and wait,
  And with Him we walk, and of Him we talk,
    And joy with rejoicing great.
  Ere the cock shall crow, we shall hear,
    I trow, His chariot at the gate.

  Then glorified with the risen Christ
    We shall share that princely place
  For His own prepared, who His shame have shared,
    Desertion and disgrace.
  In love’s own sphere, He shall place us near
    In the light of the Father’s face.

  Then let us be true to that risen Christ
    In this world with afflictions strawed,
  In the darkness dim let us shine for Him
    And publish His name abroad,
  Till the summons home shall with glory come
    At His shout and the trump of God.