The Son

  Let us praise the Son eternal, who when in the form of God
    Laid aside that form, and took upon Himself the form of man;
  As a servant, not a sovereign, He His earthly pathway trod
    That the grace of the Invisible the human soul might scan.
  Never finite mind could fathom such a mystery Divine
    As this wondrous myst’ry mantled in the Person of the Son;
  Here on earth in infant weakness, yet His holy flesh the shrine
    Of the Godhead come to seek and save the soul by sin undone.
  Let us contemplate with reverence this mystery profound!
    Let us dwell upon His weakness, let us muse upon His might,
  Let accursed curiosity with brazen bonds be bound,
    Lest His wrath should such irreverence in righteous judgment smite.

  It was for the Father’s pleasure that a servant He became,
    That where He had been discredited He might be glorified;
  This was why He suffered ignominy, cross and curse and shame,
    Brutal blows and vile invective, yea, for this He bled and died.
  But His blood has been the basis of the blessing of His own
    Whom He loves with love surpassing far above all human thought,
  Blood that has been sprinkled both before and on the eternal throne,
    Blood that has complete redemption for repentant sinners wrought.
  In the presence of His people praise Him! Own Him Lord alone!
    Speak to others of the greatness and the glory of His grace,
  Him commend to souls despairing, who have not His mercy known,
    Tell of His unfathomed pity for this ruined human race.

  Never less than the Creator tho’ in human fashion made,
    Like the feeble, fallen creature, whom in grace He came to save;
  Never less than the Almighty even when in manger laid,
    Yea, or when on gibbet nailed for us His life He gave.
  Never other than the One by whom the universe subsists,
    Never other than the One whom holy seraphim adore,
  Never less than the Omnipotent who gathers in His fists
    Raving hurricanes and tempests rude that thro’ the welkin roar.
  Let us worship at His footstool! Let us sing His praise aloud!
    Let us falling on our faces the eternal Son adore,
  Let us had Him as the mighty God, low in His presence bowed,
    Let us celebrate His worthiness now and for evermore.

  Yet as truly Man as Maker! this our spirits shall content,
    Yea, as certainly the Servant as the Sovereign on the throne,
  As the Sent One of the Father, yet the mighty One who sent
    God the Holy Ghost to tabernacle in and with His own.
  Bondman verily, tho’ Despot; clothed with all the might of God
    Yet in absolute submission to His holy Father’s will,
  Godhead veiled, yet Godhead shining thro’ His veil of flesh and blood,
    Giving up His life the counsels of the Father to fulfil.
  Let us bless Him as the Man who fills the boundless heart of God,
    Let us bless Him as the God who fills the finite hearts of Men,
  Let us bless Him as the Man who once this weary desert trod
    That the wanderer might righteously be brought to God again.

  Light in Him, the light life-giving, in surpassing splendour shone.
    Light above the blinding brightness of the blazing sun at noon,
  Light of God unseen by eye of creature in the ages gone,
    Light that shall this world envelope in its warm embraces soon,
  Light now shining thro’ this darkness from the living Father’s heart,
    Light that wins the wandering creature from the haunts of sin and shame,
  Light that wakes the guilty conscience, and doth perfect peace impart
    To the spirit of the penitent who pleads the Saviour’s name.
  Let us bend the knee before Him, let us with our lips confess
    Him as Lord of earth and heaven, worthy of the highest place,
  Our Redeemer, our Deliverer, our life and Righteousness,
    Omnipotent Revealer of eternal love and grace.

  He is bringing sons to glory, He is leader of the band,
    He will bring them to the blessing of the Father’s house on high;
  He will keep their feet from falling by His never failing hand,
    And all grace upon the journey He will lavishly supply.
  He will bring them to His Father, in His presence He will place
    Every one with chalice full of endless pleasures to the brim,
  Every soul that can be numbered with the God-begotten race,
    Every soul that by the Father has been given unto Him.
  Let us praise Him! Let us eulogize our Saviour and our God!
    Sing aloud, ye mighty myriads of righteous, ransomed men!
  Hallelujah! Send His praises thro’ the universe abroad!
    Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Yea, Amen!