To Die is Gain

  Glory to Christ for ever!
    Glory to Father and Son!
  Unto the Saviour eternal
    Praise for the work He has done!

  His be the throne and the kingdom
    Who in unspeakable grace
  Sought us and saved us and set us
    Spotless in love’s embrace,

  Called us to heavenly glory,
    Showed us a prospect fair,
  Gave us a life to enjoy it,
    Gave us a foothold there.

  Right in the heavenly places,
    Bade us His advent wait,
  When His love everlasting
    Fully our souls shall sate.

  Now He is tenderly leading
    Us thro’ a desert lone,
  Meeting our wants unnumbered
    E’en in a land not sown;

  Guarded by His good Spirit
    Thro’ a wide waste of sand,
  Keeping our feet from falling
    By His almighty hand.

  Here in a body mortal
    We from our Lord are far,
  Therefore by faith we follow
    Him thro’ both peace and war.

  But from this body absent,
    Then in His presence bright;
  Seeing is not believing,
    Better than faith is sight.

  Therefore it little matters
    Whether He come today,
  Or, in His wisdom searchless,
    Whether He make delay;

  Whether without the body
    Or with the body changed;
  Clothed or unclothed, whatever
    Wisdom may have arranged.

  Either with endless pleasure
    Shall our estate enzone,
  Blessings in infinite measure
    For ever and ever our own.

  Yet till He comes to take us
    Fain would we here remain,
  Tho’ we would not for a moment
    Doubt that TO DIE IS GAIN.