“Whose I Am”

  Lord, am I, thro’ grace divine, which sought me
      When far I wandered on my wilful way;
  Thine thro’ the blood, Thy precious blood which bought me;
      Thine in Thy sovereign love: Thine come what may.
  Thine body, soul, and spirit, Thine for ever,
      By ties which neither death nor hell can sever.

  Thine, Lord, am I. Worthless the gift I offer,
      But Thou hast pledged Thy word to welcome me.
  What for such mercy could the creature proffer?
      What compensation render unto Thee?
  Behold me at Thy feet, bond-slave for ever.
      From Thee no adverse power my soul shall sever.

  Long with Omnipotence have I been warring,
      Now brought at length to see my sinful state;
  I to my very self am an abhorring,
      But not to Thee, all-powerful Potentate,
  For Thou hast pardoned, and my soul for ever
      Rests in those bonds no creature might may sever.

  Could I have found in sin the satisfaction
      My soul was seeking I had scorned Thy grace;
  For, not for me had holiness attraction,
      Riot I ran with all, the rebel race.
  But Thou hast bound me to Thyself for ever
      With cords of love not even death could sever.

  Thine, Lord, am I, when on my way is shining
      The sun in all his majesty and might,
  And even when the day star seems declining,
      And the blue dome is bathed in clouds of night.
  Thine thro’ life’s changes, joys and griefs for ever,
      In light from which no noxious cloud can sever.

  Thine, Lord, am I, when confidence seems shaken
      In everything in which my soul had trust;
  Thine when defamed, when friendless and forsaken,
      Thine tho’ this dust return again to dust;
  Thine only Thine, in life or death for ever.
      Me from Thy love not e’en the grave shall sever.

  Thine while the warfare light with darkness wages.
      Weak tho’ I be and craven to the core;
  Thine while the bruit of battle hotly rages;
      Thine when the fury of the fight is o’er;
  Thine in the rest of God, and Thine for ever
      Where comes no foe my soul from Thee to sever.

  Thine, where no evil thing can ever enter
      Tumult to bring into that holy calm;
  Thine, in the glory of which Thou art Centre;
      Thine, where Thou raisest the eternal psalm;
  Thine in the Father’s house, in love for ever,
      Where comes no foe Thine own from Thee to sever.