On the Presence and Action of the Holy Ghost in the Church,

in answer to the work of Mr. P. Wolff, entitled,
"Ministry as opposed to Hierarchism and chiefly to Religious Radicalism,"
Valence, 1844
J. N. Darby.

Fundamental Difference between Calvin's System and that of Mr. Wolff
Mr. Wolff's Judgment of the Rochat System
Example of the Same Spirit with Regard to Evangelists
Another Example with Regard to Teachers
On the Pretended Connection of Political and Religious Ideas
Mr. Wolff's Pamphlet - Defending Ministry
Chapter  1 Priesthood and Ministry
Chapter  2 Vocation to Ministry
Chapter  3 Name of Bishop
Chapter  4 Vocation of Bishop
Chapter  5 Bishop is Established of God
Chapter  6 Human Vocation of Bishop
Chapter  7 Election of Bishop
Chapter  8 Imposition of Hands
Chapter  8 Ordination of the Evangelist
Chapter  8 Ordination of the Bishop
Chapter  9 Twofold Vocation of the Elder
Chapter 10 About Evangelists
Chapter 11 Concerning Teachers
Chapter 12 Classification of Ministries
Chapter 13 Perpetuity of Ministry
Chapter 14 Apostasy of The Church
Chapter 15 Exercise of a Gift
Chapter 16 Gifts Have All Ceased
Chapter 17 Sacraments
Chapter 18 Pastors
Chapter 19 Missionaries
Chapter 20 Clerical Usurpation
Chapter 21 Study For Ministry
Chapter 22 Altered Ministry