The Heart of the Lord

F. B. Hole.

(Extracted from Scripture Truth Vol. 31, 1939, page 192.)

Take the case of the woman who came behind the Lord and touched the hem of His garment. She had a great need, and by that simple act of faith her need was met. She had not ventured to touch the Lord in vain, she had got relief and was going away satisfied with that. But the Lord was not satisfied with that, He wanted her to know more than the virtue that could heal her, He wanted her to know the love that He had for such needed ones as she was. So now, He is not the Saviour merely to relieve us of our burden of sin and corruption, He is that, blessed be His name, but He would draw those He relieves into a close relationship with Himself. They have felt the extent of their need, He wants them to know the warmth of His heart that has relieved them of it. Acquaintance with the grace that saves us is wonderful, but acquaintance with the One from whom the grace comes is the greater blessedness.