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New Testament Commentary

1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians
1 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians
1 Timothy
2 Timothy
1 Peter
2 Peter
1 John
2 John
3 John
The Revelation

On the Pentateuch


Other Old Testament Commentaries


Rebuilding Zion

The Lost Diadem (Version 2)

On the Psalms

Pss. 1-2 - "Why do the heathen rage?"
Pss. 3-4 - "Who will show us any good?"
Pss. 8-10 - "The Son of Man" and "The man of the earth."
Ps. 36 - Man in Contrast with God
Ps. 37 - How to meet Tribulation
Pss. 40, 41, 72 - The Enduring Name
Pss. 44-45 - Defeat and Victory
Pss. 45-48 - The King: His Victory, His Coronation, His Palaces
Pss. 62-63 - Salvation and Satisfaction
Pss. 68-69 - "He that ascended, descended first"
Pss. 73-77 - "The God that doest wonders"
Pss. 90-91 - "Cut down" — "Set on high."
Pss. 101-102 - Mercy and Judgment
Pss. 109-110 - Poverty: Patience: Power
Pss. 114-118 - "The headstone of the corner"
Pss. 130-132 - "Out of the depths." "Into thy rest"
Pss. 146-150 - The Great Hallelujah Chorus

Foundations of the Faith

The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible
The Deity and Humanity of Christ
Creation, and the Fall of Man
Atonement: Its Meaning and True Character
Propitiation and Substitution
Resurrection and Glory
Future Punishment: Its Character and Duration
The Work and Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
The last Adam — The Second Man
Fatherhood and Sonship
The Believer's Present Position on Earth, and Christ's Present Service in Heaven
The Second Advent: The Day of Redemption
Summary and Conclusion

The Great Salvation

The New Birth
The Gift of the Holy Spirit
New Creation

Outlines of Truth

Faith and Works
Peace and Deliverance
Safety and Sanctification
Law and Grace
"Sin" and "Sins"
The New Nature and the Old
"Blood" and "Water"
Grace and Discipleship
Election and Free Grace
Israel and the Church
Worship and Service
The Rapture and the Appearing

Articles and Booklets

Assembly Principles
"The Administration of the Mystery"
The Approaching Advent of Christ
The Advent Series of Gospel Tracts
The Brevity Series of Gospel Tracts
Apostolic Fellowship
The Appropriate Sequel
Dangers that Threaten
"A Little Maid;"
"A people prepared for the Lord"
"A worm" yet "Jehovah of Hosts"
Absolute Dominion
Abundant Life
All Prayer at All Seasons
Alliances which should be avoided
Are we responding?
Both "Arm" and "Servant"
"As at the first"
The Assets of the Christian Life
Confusion and the Call of God
Backsliding — With a Word to Christian Workers
"Be not deceived"
"Begin to possess"
Benevolent Rule
How do we regard the Bible?
"Blood" and "Water." What do they mean?
The Modern Brambles
Will ALL the Saints be caught up when the Lord comes?
A Chosen Generation
Christ "formed in you"
Christ is all
Christ: The Divine Resource
Christ Magnified
What is the Christian Calling?
Christian Conflict
Christ: Sacrifice, Blesser, Centre, Builder, Leader, Judge, Administrator
The Conquest of Calvary
A Correct Valuation
The Cross of Christ
Getting Ready for the Climax
The Closing Messages
"Come on" and "Get out."
"Come on"-"Get out"
The Coming of the Kingdom
A Seeming Contradiction
Complete in Him
"Count it all joy"
A Danger to be Avoided
The Day of Manifestation
"Dead to the law"
The Death of the Lord
The Declarations of God as to the Person of Christ
Democracy in the Light of Scripture
Man's Diplomacy and God's Discipline
Disappointment and its Cure
Disobedience leads to Disaster
A Door of Hope
Effective Service
"Elect … to obedience"
"The election of grace"
Encouragement for Parents
"The end of the Lord"
"Enriched in Him"
Eternal Life or Idols
Evil Men, Silly Women, and the Man of God
"And to exalt the lamb"
"Faith" — some "better thing"
"The fear of the Lord"
Getting and Giving
"We glory in tribulations"
God with us, for us, in us
Grace, Guidance, and Government
"This grace wherein we stand"
A Great Contrast
The Great Illusion Dispelled
"Great things for thyself"
Are you Growing in Grace?
Coincidence, or the Hand of God?
"He condemned the world"
"He looked for a city"
"He pleased God"
Hearkening to James
The Heart of the Lord
Heavenly Things Introduced
"High time to wake out of sleep"
His Last Request
"His steps" and "Following his steps"
The Hope that Purifies
The Hope, and its Effects
The House of the Lord
How do we regard the Bible?
How do you look at life?
How to "run well"
Human Nature
"In my name"
The Inside Workings of Revival
Intelligent Service
Just After Conversion
Keeping the Unity of the Spirit
In the Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of Heaven. Law and Grace
The Knowledge of God
The Largeness of God
Free-hearted Liberality
Liberty, Responsibility, Fraternity
The Life of Faith
Life: Lost or Kept
"The Lord is risen indeed"
The Lord's Yoke
Be a Man of Purpose
From Man's Wretchedness to God's Greatness
Membership and Fellowship
"A more excellent sacrifice"
Modern Mystical Teachings and the Word of God
"Much Rubbish"
"New things do I declare"
No Compromise
"No profit" — "Great gain"
"Not by works of righteousness"
Not Miracles, But Truth
Notes on Galatians
"The obedience of faith"
Obeying the Truth
"Of God and not of us"
One Loaf: One Body
Our Besetting Sin
Our Calling
Outward Circumstances and Inward Grace
"Patience and comfort of the scriptures"
A Pattern Ministry
Personal Intercourse with God
"A place for the Lord"
Prayer: Answered and Unanswered
The Primitive Church
Christ: the Prince of Peace
Questions as to Prayer
Renunciation and Communion
The Result of the Ministry
What is Righteousness?
Root, as well as Shoot
Royal Service
Safeguards for the Soul
The Secret of the Dispensation
Separation and Unity
Serving and Waiting
Shakings — "Yet once more"
A Significant Injunction
Signs and Wonders
Sin in the Flesh Condemned
Smitten, But Saved.
"The Son of God is come"
"The Source of True Happiness"
Sovereignty and Responsibility
Sowing and Reaping
Spiritual Growth
Standing, State, and Service
"Stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding"
"The sufferings of this present time"
Tarry One for Another
"Ten times better"
Testings and Trials
The Perfect Day
The Second Established
Three Apostolic Principles
Three Divinely Established Principles
Three Parallel Lines
Four Types in Genesis
Four Types in Israel's Journey
The Seventh from Adam
The Two Headships
The Word and the Throne
The Word and the Touch
The World: Our Position and Attitude in it
"They howled upon their beds"
"Things which become sound doctrine"
What thoughts should govern my heart when sitting before the Lord to remember Him?
"The trial of your faith"
The True Grace of God
There is Mercy For All
True Greatness
"Trust in the Lord"
Truth is the Test
The Ups and Downs of Life
The Upward Way
"A very small thing."
Walking in Truth
Warning and Rebuke
Warnings and Helps to Pilgrims
"You Have Been Warned"
The Way to Confess Christ
"The Wedding and the Guests"
"We Glory in Tribulations"
What is the Cross?
What Manner of Persons?
Wherefore do you Linger in the Place of Danger?
"Wherefore then didst thou not obey?"
Why Christ died for us
Will He really return?
Witness. Leader. Commander.
The Work of the Spirit
The Work of the Lord in the World
The World: Our Position and Attitude in it