There is Mercy For All

There is mercy for all,
  Who on Jesus will call,
As a Saviour from bondage and sin;
  He the wand’rer will seek;
  He can rescue the weak,
And the heart of the hardest can win.

  Mercy for thee! righteously free!
  Such wealth of compassion for thee!
  Trust without doubt, He’ll not cast thee out,
  For ever “His own” shalt thou be.

  On the broad downward road,
  Under sin’s heavy load,
We were far from the way that is right;
  Yet He stooped from above,
  In the might of His love,
Unto death in the darkness of night.

  Now the shadows have fled,
  And as raised from the dead,
He can life and forgiveness impart
  Unto all who believe,
  And just simply receive
Him as Saviour and Lord in the heart.

  Oh! then trust Him today,
  Do not longer delay,
But just come in submission and faith;
  He will save you this hour,
  From your sins’ awful power,
And will put them away by His death.


Gospel Tidings Hymn Book