The Intermediate State.

"The life of the Waiting Soul," etc. By R. E. Sanderson, D.D. etc.

W. Kelly.

(B.T. Vol. N3, p. 80.)

Dr. Sanderson imputes untruth to a fixed state at death, and hence to two classes only. He retrogrades like not a few to pre-reformation error, now rampant among Ritualists. The error is deeper still; for it is to reject the Lord's teaching e.g. in Luke 16:19-26. It is therefore infidel as to the full light of Christianity. The resurrection and the judgment-seat of Christ have their own importance; but the blessedness of the faithful and the wretched and suffering state of the wicked at death are none the less true, because more awaits the coming of the Lord Jesus. It is a crass mistake that paradise is not in heaven, and that the spirits of the Lord and of the converted robber did not go there when disembodied. Ascension means the Lord going up in body, as well as in spirit and soul. It is certain from Rev. 2:7 that paradise is also the scene of future glory after resurrection. The giving of crowns is only in "that day." Every saint departs to be with Christ. Even Dr. S. does not dare to dispute where He is and sits on His Father's throne. His book, of which it is the main object to treat this truth as untruth, convicts himself of deplorable ignorance under the garb of uncommon pretension and real contempt for the revealed truth of the gospel. Such men know neither the total ruin of those who refuse to receive Christ, nor the present deliverance of all who believe on Him. Like the Romanists, they prefer the dimness, uncertainty, and doubts, characterising a quasi-intermediate state between faith and unbelief. Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.