William Kelly

William Kelly


Biography of William Kelly (W. G. Turner)
Memories of the Life and Last Days of William Kelly (H. Wreford.)
Biographical Note

God's Inspiration of the Scriptures

Lectures Introductory

Old Testament


Introduction to the Pentateuch.

Earlier Historical Books

1 Samuel
2 Samuel
Lectures Introductory to the Books of Kings

Minor Prophets

The Minor Prophets — Preface.

New Testament


Matthew — Introductory
Mark — Introductory
Luke — Introductory
John — Introductory

Epistles of Paul

Epistles of Paul (Pt. 1). — Introductory
Epistles of Paul (Pt. 2). — Introductory
Epistles of Paul (Pt. 3). — Introductory

Acts, Catholic Epistles, and Revelation

Acts — Introductory
Catholic Epistles — Introductory
The Heavenly Witnesses.
Revelation — Introductory

Major Old Testament works

    — The Offerings of Leviticus.
    — The Priesthood,
    — Lectures on the Day of Atonement.
    — Israel Holy to Jehovah.
    — The Feasts of Jehovah.
    — The Closing Types of Leviticus.
1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles.
Lecture on the book of Ezra.
Lecture on the Book of Nehemiah.
The Book of Esther.
Job, Eleven Lectures
Job, Three lectures
Job, Notes on the book of.
The Psalms.
Notes on Psalms.
Two Lectures on the Song of Solomon.
The Song of Songs.
Isaiah: 1 2 3 4
Notes on Jeremiah.
The Lamentations of Jeremiah.
Notes on Ezekiel.
Daniel — Part 1.
Daniel — Part 2.

Major New Testament works

1 Corinthians.
2 Corinthians.
1 Thessalonians.
2 Thessalonians.
1 Timothy.
2 Timothy.
1 Peter
2 Peter
Epistles of John
Lectures on the Revelation :
Revelation 1 - 3.
Revelation 4 - 11.
Revelation 12 - 18.
Revelation 19 - 22.
Revelation of John - a translation.
An Exposition of Revelation.

The Second Coming and Kingdom of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Christian Hope and the Sure Word of Prophecy.
The Jews in relation to the Coming of the Lord.
The Gentiles in relation to the Coming of the Lord.
The Church of God in Relation to the Coming of the Lord.
The Rapture of the Saints Raised or Changed at Christ's Coming.
The Tribulation, and those who are to pass through it.
The Appearing and Kingdom of the Lord Jesus.
The Judgment and the Eternal State.
On the Lord's Announcement of Gentile Judgments.

The New Testament Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

The New Birth and Eternal Life.
The "Well of water springing up into everlasting life."
"Rivers of living water."
The Paraclete, or Comforter.
"Receive ye the Holy Spirit"
The Gift of the Spirit and the Gifts.
In the Spirit and the Spirit in you.
"Baptized by one Spirit into one body"
The Spirit in the Apocalypse as compared with the Epistles.
"An habitation of God through the Spirit."
Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Appendix.

Miscellaneous Writings

Larger Works

Elements of Prophecy
The Church of God
The Preaching to the Spirits in Prison.
The Second Advent of Christ Premillennial.
Abram: The Friend of God
Life Eternal.
In the Beginning (inc. Gen. 2-11.)
The Known Isaiah.
The Church of God and the Ministry of Christ
The Second Advent Before, not After, the Millennium.

Other Articles

Thoughts on 1 Corinthians 15.
The Revelation of God
The Lord's Second Coming and Kingdom.
The Second Coming of Christ.
The Actions of the Holy Spirit in the Assembly.
The Administration of the Fullness of the Seasons.
The Advocacy of Christ
Is the Anglican Establishment a Church of God?
The So-called Apostolical Fathers on the Lord's Second Coming.
A Draft Appeal
Thus saith the Lord.
The Apostle at Athens
Babylon and the Beast.
Blackheath re Ramsgate, A Letter.
The Body, the Church.
Born of Water and Spirit.
The Bride, the Lamb's Wife.
The Broken State of Christendom
The Call of the Bride
The "Strange Doctrine" on Propitiation.
Christ: not Christendom, nor Judaism.
The Judgment, not Reunion, of Christendom.
Christian Science: A Delusion of the Day.
On "The Church" in a Place, City, or Town.
The Church.
The Church, and the Churches.
The Church of the Scriptures.
The Church of God
Behold He Comes with Clouds
The Coming and Day of the Lord viewed morally.
The Coming and the Day of the Lord.
The Comforter.
The Coming and the Day of the Lord.
The Coming of the Lord
Covenant or Testament — Which?
Brief Notice of G. Cox's Thirty-six Reasons Against the Immortality of the Soul.
The Creation
The Higher Criticism.
The Scripture of Truth
Nebuchadnezzar's Dream and Daniel's Vision.
The Eastern Little Horn
The Only Key to Daniel's Prophecies.
The Day of the Lord.
The Day Star.
The New Development 1890
The Doctrine of Christ, and Bethesdaism.
Drummond's "Natural Law in the Spiritual World."
The Elders in Heaven.
Enduring Temptation and Entering into Temptation.
Exodus 1-3:22
The Feasts in Deuteronomy 16.
Jesus Forsaken of God,
The Free Service of Christians:
The Fulness of Christ.
Our Future Glory, and Our Present Groaning in the Spirit.
A Letter to Mr. Geo. B. Gilpin,
The Gospel of the Glory of Christ.
The Gospel of God.
A Letter on Recent Heterodoxy.
A Letter to an Inquiring Hindu.
The Heavenly Hope— John 14:1-3
The Coming Hour of Temptation.
"Is baptism a figure of what is, or what is about to be, possessed?"
On Isolation, or Independency.
Jewish and Christian Expectation of Christ Contrasted.
Christ — the Door of the Sheep
John Nelson Darby as I knew him.
Law and Grace
A Critique
Thoughts on the Lord's Prayer.
The Lord's Supper
"We must all be manifested."
A Man of God
Remarks on Matthew 18.
On the Millennium.
On the Millennium
Christian Ministry
The Rev. A. Moody Stuart on "Brethren."
The Mystery and the Covenants.
The Mystery of Godliness.
Active Neology
The Blessedness and Scope of the New Creation.
No More Conscience of Sins.
Not Sinai but Zion
The Lord's Prophecy on Olivet in Matthew 24-25
The Great Olivet Prophecy
One Body and One Spirit
Oneness and Union
Concerning Unions: Worldly or Religious.
Openness in Receiving and Freedom in Serving.
Why many saints were outside the Park Street of 1881.
"The Plymouth Brethren,"
The Pentateuch and its Critics.
Peter's Denial of the Lord.
Philadelphia and Laodicea.
Encyclical Letter of Pope Leo XIII.
"The powers that be"
The Priesthood of Christ.
'The prize of our high calling'
The Promise of the Father.
The Prospects of the World according to the Scriptures.
Providence and Faith.
Purchase and Redemption.
Who Made Purification of Sins?
The Purpose of God for His Sons and Heirs.
The Rapture of the Saints:
"Receive ye the Holy Ghost."
On Reconciliation.
The Red Heifer
The Salvation of God
Christ for the Saint and Christ for the Sinner.
"Hold fast that which thou hast."
Remarks Connected with the Study of the Revelation.
The Righteousness of God: what is it?
Kings and Priests
The Sabbath and the Lord's Day.
Present Salvation
Salvation by Grace
The Schools of the Prophets
On Alleged Neutrality and Real Sectarianism.
The Separate State, and the Resurrection.
Behold My Servant
The Seventy Weeks
Sinai and Its Terrors.
The Sinner Saved
The Soul — neither mortal, nor to sleep.
Restraint Put on Speaking in the Assembly.
The Spirit of God
Stephen the Christian Proto-Martyr.
Christ Tempted and Sympathising
Christ the Life
Christ the Truth
Christ the Way
The Hope of Christ
Brethren and their Traducers:
"The Unity of the Spirit"
God's Principle of Unity.
Unity of the Church in Inspired History.
The Unity of the Spirit, and what it is to keep it.
"Unto my name."
Gathered unto His Name:
"I am the true vine."
The Vision: and the just shall live by faith.
Christ Washing the Feet of the Disciples.
By Whom "Sent"?
Use and Abuse of Wine, etc.
The Word of God
Christian Worship
Worship in the hour that now is.

Articles from the Bible Treasury

Major Series

On the Revised New Testament.
On the Revised New Testament: American Corrections.
The Catholic Apostolic Body, or Irvingites.
The Dealings of God with Peter.
The Early Chapters of Genesis.
Teulon's Plymouth Brethren.
The Types of Scripture.

Other Articles

"Teaching of the Twelve Apostles."
"The first resurrection"
Abel's Sacrifice.
The Achill Herald Recollections.
Appendix to the Notice of the Achill Herald Recollections.
A Letter on Romans 6 and 1 John 1. 7.
W.H.D.'s "Appeal."
As Having Authority.
Recent Baptismal Agitation.
The Birds of the Sky.
'The Brethren': A Historical Sketch.
The Calling and Hope of the Christian.
Brief Notes of Two Addresses on Dan. 8, 9 and 11.
The Archdeacon of Durham on certain religious errors.
Christ — the End of the Law.
Love Your Enemies.
Eternal Life: notes of a lecture.
A Forgiving Spirit.
"Glory and virtue."
The Gospel of the Glory of Christ.
Haslam's "The Lord is Coming."
Hold Fast That Which Thou Hast
The Christian Hope Consistent with Events Revealed in Prophecy.
The Intermediate State.
"The Interpreter": A Church Monthly Magazine.
John 14:1-3
The Last King of the North.
Your Heavenly Father Knows.
The Latest Sect.
Letter on the Lord's Supper.
The Light of the World.
Christian Life in the Spirit.
The Lilies of the Field.
Notes of an Address on Matthew 24:45 - 25:13
The Ministry and the Minister.
Modern Millenarianism.
Nothing But Christ.
"There is one body and one Spirit."
Perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.
Philippians 3:1-11
Resist Not Evil.
Jesus and the Resurrection.
The Revelation as God gave it.
Review of Four Letters to the Christians Called Brethren.
The Righteousness of God.
"Smite the rock."
"Speak ye unto the rock."
The Salt of the Earth.
Gathering or Scattering.
"Christian Science" (falsely so-called).
The Sermon on the Mount as a Whole.
Jesus, the Son of God.
"Sorrowful Words from a Sorrowful Heart
C. H. Spurgeon's "Winning Souls for Christ";
Bishop Strossmayer on the Speech.
Sufferings of Christ.
The Talmud.
The Morrow
The Treasure, and the Heart.
Letter to an Unbeliever.
On Recently-discovered Uncial MSS. Of the Apocalypse.
"We have this treasure."
John Wesley
On "Hopes of the Church" J.N.D.
Whitefield's Journals.
Scripture Queries and Answers.

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