C. H. Spurgeon's "Winning Souls for Christ";

And "Driving away the Vultures from the Sacrifice."

W. Kelly.

(B.T. Vol. 17, p. 16.)

It is a pleasure to bring these addresses before christians who might not otherwise hear of them.

The first is an earnest exhortation delivered to the members and friends of the Open-air Mission, with not a few wise and wholesome counsels for the better promotion of the work.

The second is a sermon on Gen. 15 which gives characteristic expression to the preacher's abhorrence of those whose false teaching would profane or do away with the sacrifice of Christ. "Deprive Us," he cries, "of the sacrifice, and behold an army which has lost both its banners and its weapons of war. The gates of hope are closed against the guilty when the atonement is denied. The windows through which light should come to the penitent are sealed against a single beam of hope when once you take away the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ our Lord. Therefore will we drive away the ravenous birds as long as we have a hand to move. As we love the souls of men, we will spend our last breath in the defence of our Lord's substitution. Can we bear to see man's last refuge taken away? God forbid! Away, ye evil birds. The heroes of old chased the harpies from their feasts, much more would we drive you from the altar of our God." So would we; and we should only add to the intensity of our action, if we felt as we ought the dishonour the misleaders are rendering to God and to His Son in that infinite work, to which the Holy Ghost bears His witness for the remission of sins. Let us pray for Mr. S.