On Recently-discovered Uncial MSS. Of the Apocalypse.

W. Kelly.

(B.T. Vol. 4, p. 352.)

The Editor of the Bible Treasury wrote lately to Professor Tischendorf, pointing out a discrepancy between his written report (in February, 1860) of Rev. 5:9 in the Sinai MS. and the printed text of the same verse, just edited by him; the former omitting, and the latter giving, ἡμᾶς. The Professor replies (in a letter dated Leipzig, Sep. 8, 1860), expressing his great regret that pressure of labour at the time of his report exposed him to oversight, and confirming the representation made in his edition of the New Testament printed from the Cod. Sinait. The reader, however, will bear in mind that the mistake, now rectified by the learned critic, had no influence on the text of "the Revelation, edited in Greek," the reported readings having come too late for insertion save in the Introduction (pp. xv.-xviii.).

Professor T. adds the important information, that at his last visit to St. Petersburgh he has found an Uncial Palimpsest, of about the eight or ninth century, and of good character otherwise, which contains the Acts, the Pauline, and the Catholic Epistles, with the Apocalypse. This, as a whole, he hopes to give next year in his "Monumenta." The following are a few of its readings, as communicated to me:-

Rev. 1:18, αἰωνων, without ἀμηυ (like A. C. 36, 38, Erasmus);

Rev. 2:2, κοπον, without σου, omitting εἰναι also;

Rev. 2:9, την θλιψιν, without τα ἐργα σου. Like C., it has  Ἰουδαιων,

Rev. 2:13, που, without τα ἐργα σου.  Besides, it has neither και nor ἐν αἱς.

In Rev. 4:13, it reads ὁμοιος (sec.), with A., etc.

In Rev. 4:4, it omits ἐν;

Rev. 7:8 has Βενιαμειν;

Rev. 11:6, την ἐξουσιαν;

Rev. 11:10, εὐφραινονται;

Rev. 11:12, ἀναβατε;

Rev. 11:18, φθειροντας, as Erasmus edited;

Rev. 12:6, τρεφουσιν, with C.;

Rev. 12:10, αὐτους;

Rev. 14:4, οὑτοι (sec.), without εἰσιν, like A. C. 28, Erasmus;

Rev. 14:13, ἐν χριστω, like C. He adds,

Rev. 17:2, ἐχοντα; but I do not understand it, and suspect some mistake.