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Web App
LanguageDownload linksBible translationCommentary
EnglishDay by DayKing James*English
FrançaisChaque JourDarbyFrançais
PortugueseDia a DiaAlmeida Corrigida Fiel PortugueseNew!
EspañolCada DíaReina Valera 1977 Español
NederlandsDag aan DagStatenvertalingNederlands
ItalianoOgni Giorno Riveduta 1927Italiano
русскийДень за днемSynodalрусский
RomânăZi de ZiCornilescu 1924Română
български Ден след денВЕРЕНбългарски / English
ελληνικάΜέρα με τη Μέραελληνικά ΚΔ / αγγλικά ΠΔ
العربيةيوما بعد يومSmith-VanDykeالعربية
አማርኛ New!ዴይ ባይ ዴይ1962አማርኛ
తెలుగు New!రోజు రోజు కిపవిత్ర బైబిల్తెలుగు / English
中文New!日复一日Bible Version中文 / Google
한국어New!일일 묵상Bible Version한국어 / Google
DeutschTag für TagElberfelder 1905Englisch
E-booksPrint Editions
LanguageDownloads (epub)
English Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 BBCan
Français Année 1 Année 2 Année 3 Année 4 Année 5 BPC
Español Año 1 Año 2 Año 3 Año 4 Año 5
Italiano Anno 1 Anno 2 Anno 3 Anno 4 Anno 5 Bibbia
Nederlands UWdW
Deutsch Beroea
Română Anul 1 Anul 2 Anul 3 Anul 4 Anul 5 GBV
русский GBV
български BPC

Year 1 - Genesis to Joshua.
Year 2 - Judges to Esther.
Year 3 - Job; Psalms 1 - 41; Proverbs 1 - 15; Isaiah; Matthew; Jeremiah; Lamentations; Mark.
Year 4 - Psalms 42 - 89; Ezekiel; Luke - 2 Corinthians.
Year 5 - Psalms 90 - 150; Proverbs 16 - Song of Solomon; Daniel - Malachi; Galatians - Revelation.

To the Reader
Please read the Scripture passage carefully and prayerfully and then the notes. Take time to look up the Scripture references given in the notes. They are an integral part of the meditation and the extra time spent will be abundantly recompensed.

See this as more important than your daily food - it is! Our spiritual lives are far and away more important - and we can completely trust that God will provide our daily needs 'seek ye first the kingdom of God'. How critically important it is to start the day with the Word of God - spiritual food - before the activities and stimuli and influences of the daily routine take over - indeed to provide a spiritual influence to help us to do all those things as to the Lord Jesus.

The Bible is a large book which we can never fathom, but it is essential to get all its instruction - to read the 780,000 words in one year would require reading more than 2000 words each day; this scheme needs you to read just over 400 words each day (that is about 16 verses each day - less than an average chapter. The commentary is just over 200 words each day). If we only read the New Testament routinely then we limit ourselves to a quarter of what God has told us.

The scheme is by Jean Koechlin of France. He read the Bible daily with his nine children, and recorded his remarks for the help of others. This is a unique aid to 'rightly dividing the word of truth'.
These notes originally appeared as "chaque jour les Écritures" published by La Bonne Semence, Valence, France. In sending them forth in these translations we would echo the words of the author: "Never forget that 'All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished to all good works.' (2 Timothy 3:16-17). May the Lord grant us in reading His word to experience and progress in these things with Him."

It covers the greater part of the Bible (some genealogical sections and ones of moral embarrassment are omitted by brother Koechlin) with a daily Bible reading and commentary. It will be an aid to all who prayerfully read them to gain an overview of the entire Bible.
(*To aid readers of the English edition who have English as a second language, verbs which end in 'eth' have been modernised to ending in es/s, e.g. remaineth : remains. A few other small changes have been made such as doeth : does, hath : has, saith : says, unto : to, mine : my. 'Thou' verb forms are unchanged. Nothing has been done which could be termed translation or interpretation.)

The Bible version may not be the latest or best available for your language.
The Italian commentary for the Old Testament has some sections translated by Google:
  Psalms 42 to 150, Proverbs 16 to 31, Ecclesiastes, Song of songs, Ezekiel to Malachi.
The Chinese and Korean commentaries are being translated. Please pray that the translators may be enabled to continue and complete these great tasks. The remainder is given in machine translation by Google until it is also completed.
The commentary for the German version is only available in English.
The commentary in Greek is only available for the New Testament.
The commentary in Bulgarian is only available for seven New Testament books:
  Matthew, John, Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Revelation - 250 days, the remainder is provided in English.
Soon we hope to use other Bible editions: in English - contemporary Darby, DV. Please pray! We thank our Lord Jesus and His servants who have in all Christian character given their work for this use.
We would strongly recommend that you consider buying a printed set for reference at home and for use as a commentary.
We ask for fervent prayer for brethren who are translating into Telugu for India, Chinese, and Korean; others who are updating Russian and French; completing the Italian; also that the Lord will provide translators for other languages in His will.

Credits - with many thanks
Arabic Bible reproduced by kind permission of the Bible Society of Egypt
Bulgarian commentary reproduced by kind permission of Bibles et Publications Chrétiennes
Bulgarian Bible reproduced by kind permission of
Dutch commentary reproduced by kind permission of Uit het Woord der Waarheid
Greek New Testament commentary reproduced by kind permission of Leo. Papantonakis
Portuguese commentary reproduced by kind permission of Boa Semente.
Portuguese Bible: Almeida Corrigida Fiel reproduced from Digital Bible Platform©.
Romanian commentary reproduced by kind permission of GBV Romania©.
Russian commentary reproduced by kind permission of Gute Botschaft Verlag
Spanish Bible - RV1977 reproduced by kind permission of CLIE
Telugu Bible - reproduced from The Word Project
Amharic Bible - reproduced from The Word Project
Chinese Bible - reproduced from Digital Bible Platform©.
Korean Bible - reproduced from Ephesians 4:14