A Letter From Australia

It is plain from 2 Timothy that the sphere of service for the faithful man is wider than his sphere of fellowship. We must keep this in mind. Purity must mark our fellowship; need should command our service. We must not compromise the truth, yet we should make fringes upon the four quarters of our vesture wherewith we cover ourselves (Deut. 22:12). How abrupt we often are with our "principles." We forget to put a fringe on our vesture, and to become all things to all men that we might save some. And as for those that belong to the Lord, we need to have that compassion for the ignorant that the Lord shows to us.

Another Scripture speaks of the ribband of blue upon the fringe, which is a necessary reminder to us that while we should be ready to meet men in their ignorance and need, we are still heavenly, and must not deny our character.