The Writings of J T Mawson

Concerning Himself - an outline of the scriptures 'concerning Himself'
Delivering Grace as illustrated in the record of Elisha. Link to: Paperback edition Hardback edition
Emmanuel - some elements of His glory
The Feast, the Famine and the Flame - the central parables of Luke's Gospel
For This Cause - the Church: the Bride of the Lamb
God and the World - Gospel illustrations from John 3:16
The Grace that Saves - Gospel illustrations from his own service
Historical Incidents - Gospel illustrations from History
How to Overcome being talks on the Judges. Link to: Paperback edition
Scottish Tales - Gospel illustrations from Scotland
Standing by the Cross- Twelve Gospel Addresses
Tales of the Sea - Gospel illustrations from the Sea
Waiting for the Coming - An outline of the Scriptures concerning His coming again. Link to: Paperback edition
Ye are Christ's - Twelve Addresses for younger Christians
The Holy Ghost - His Coming, Personality, and Activities
Life After Death - a Lecture at Harrogate
Things Most Surely Believed
Notes on John 18-21
The Coming Again of the Lord Jesus
Jerusalem - the coming metropolis of the earth
Hymns and Poems
The Grace of the Lord and the Women

Magazine Articles

Gospel tracts - yet to be compiled
"I am kept" C H Mawson - aged 19

Biographical Note

John Thomas Mawson (1871-1943) was a gifted and much-used evangelist, open-air preacher, teacher and writer. Born in the North-East of England, he edited Scripture Truth magazine, along with other brethren, from its inception until his home-call. He travelled very widely preaching and teaching in England, Scotland and Ireland, as well as visiting North America, the West Indies, South Africa, and the Antipodes. He seemed to have a gift to get alongside folk — young and old, rich and poor, clever and simple. His book 'How to Overcome' was one of the earliest books I read, and could truly be described as formative. His writings remain clear and accessible to a modern generation. There are over 400,000 words from more than 2,000 pages in these writings; there is some duplication, but the magazine section adds about another 1,000,000 words in 600 articles to these statistics.
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How Will It All End?
You might gain the celebrity of a Napoleon – the wealth of a Westminster – the fame of a Kitchener – the learning of a Ruskin; but then Time ends, and with Time ends the meagre satisfaction that these things give. The soul is for Eternity, and in Eternity men will find that not all who were famous here are blest there. They will find that many who wore the professor's gown here are fools there; that wealth of this world is not current in Eternity, nor will it purchase a mansion in the sky. But, thank God, He offers salvation to all, and what men's attainments cannot purchase, Christ's precious Blood can. You will be wise if you turn to Him TO-DAY. J. T. M.
["Sure to Stick." 16 Kinds. Pickering & Inglis]

Magazine Articles

"A Banner For Them That Fear Him"
"Abba, Father"
A Biography in Prophecy
"About a Stone's cast"
A Chamber for the Man of God
Acquaintance with our Saviour
A Dearth in the Land, Death in the Pot, Then Bring Meal
Adorning The Doctrine
Adorning The Doctrine (2)
A Final Word
A Great Calm
A Great While Before Day
A Letter From Australia
All-Sufficient Grace
"All's Well"
"Amount Received in Full"
An All-Sufficient Object for the Heart
An Assembly of God
And in the Garden a Sepulchre
"And Peter"
Andrew and Philip
A New Eden
An Impressive Word
An Old Letter
Answers Delayed are not Prayers Denied
A Parable and a Fact
A Priceless Gem in a Golden Setting
A Publican Named Levi
"A Reproach upon All Israel"
"Armageddon" and "Universal Peace"
"As He is"
Assurance and Protection
At His Feet
Atonement and the New Theology
At the Feet of the Lord Jesus
Bearing Much Fruit
Beauty For Ashes
"Be careful for nothing"
"Behold, He Comes"
Behold the Bridegroom
Believing and Confessing
“Beloved of God”
"Beside the Still Waters"
“Be Ye Enlarged”
Bitterness and Joy
Bitter Waters
Blessed be God
Blinding, Beguiling, Buffeting
Blowing the Silver Trumpets
"Born of Water and of the Spirit"
Brethren Dwelling Together in Unity
"Bring me a Minstrel"
"Business as Usual"
By the Skin of his Teeth
“Care for the Saints”
"Carest Thou Not?"
Casting the Blame upon God
Caught Up
“Certain Women”
Christ and His Church
Christ and the Church
Christ Entering His Glory
Christ Everything
Christian Fellowship
Christianity is not one big "Don't"
Christianity – It's Foundation
Christ in the Book of the Revelation
Christ, the Eternal Servant
"Cleave to the Lord"
Come to the Fountain
"Comfort Ye My People"
“Comfort Ye My People” 2
Comparative Studies in the Synoptic Gospels (fragments)
Conflict and Triumph
Contemplation, Adoration and Desire
Correspondence (Prayer for Revival)
Correspondence (The Mystery)
Danger Signals in the Word
Delivered and Delivering
Development in the Christian Life
Disciples Called and Tested
Disciples, Friends, Witnesses
Does the Word Justify Division?
Dwelling Together in Unity
Emmanuel — God With Us
Espoused to One Husband
Essential Christianity
Even When we were Dead
"Every Creature of God is Good"
"Every Dark Shadow Wiped Out"
Faith and Love
Faith, Faithfulness, Fellowship
Faith! What is it?
"Fear Not Ye"
Fellowship and Service
Fill the Water Pots
First and Second Prophecies
Flesh and Blood
For Christian Women
For Days of Trial
The Four Horses of the Revelation
The Friendliness of the Lord Jesus
From Sadness to Great Joy
The Glory of the Son
The Glory, Wealth and Patience of the Lord
Glorying in Tribulation
"Glue Together" and "Scotland's Green"
God and All the Saints
God and His Word
God and the Powers That Be
God and Ourselves
God Gives us the Victory
"Godliness with Contentment"
God, Our Shield
God, Our Shield (2)
God's Great Gifts, and the Devil's Snares
God's Mercy and Man's Inhumanity
God's Move and the Devil's Countermove
God Speaking
God's Triumph and the Devil's Defeat
God’s Triumph
God's Work and Our Part in it
"God that Justifies"
Goodly Trees, Palm Branches, Thick-Leaved Trees, and Willows of the Brook
Good Works
Gospel Facts
Grace and Love
Grace and Truth
Grave Clothes or Angels in White
The Great Conflict
Great Contrasts in the Revelation
Greater Than Jonah
Great Proofs of the Love of God
Great Sights
Great Substance
Growth in Unity
He Dwelt Among Us
Held up on the Waves
"He Leads Me"
Helps and Hints
He That Shall Come, Will Come
"He was Numbered with Transgressors"
"He Will Not Ever be Threshing it"
"Him that is Able"
"Hinder Me Not"
"His Brethren talked with Him"
His Decease (1)
"His Decease" (2)
His Friends
"His Fullness"
His Greatness and His Love
His Name
"His Own Which Were in the World"
Hitherto Hath the Lord Helped Us
Holding the Fort, and Helping the Truth
"Holy Brethren"
"Honour All Men"
How God Treats Sin
How May Christ Become a Living Reality to the Soul?
How to Finish Well
How to Overcome the Devil
How to Save Others and Glorify God
"I Acknowledged … Thou Forgavest"
"I am your Man"
"I Believe God"
"I Don't Want It"
If Anyone Minister
"I Have Fought the Good Fight"
"In Christ"
Incidents and Illustrations
"In Holy Splendour"
In Secret
"In Sure and Certain Hope"
"In the Midst"
Investigating Spiritism
Is God to Blame?
Is it Possible to be Without Anxiety?
Is our Faith the Ground of our Peace or the Cause of our Blessing?
Is the War Fulfilling Prophecy?
Is the World's Misery due to Muddle?
"I Went Into the Sanctuary of God"
I Will Come Again
"Jesus Calling"
Jesus Showing Himself
Jesus Showing Himself to His Disciples
John 3:16
John and the Nail Hole
Jonah – A Type of Christ
Keeping the Fire Burning
"Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled"
"Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid" (John 14:27)
Let us Draw Near
Life After Death
Like The Engravings of a Signet
A Limit to Suffering
"Live in Peace"
Looking Upon Jesus as He Walked
Lord and Head
The Lord in the Boat
“The Lord Shall Fight for You”
The Lord’s Prayer for His Own
The Lord’s Treasure
Love that Suffered the Sorrow and Shares the Song
"Lo, we heard of it in Ephratah."
Loyal-Hearted, Though Not Lion-Faced
Made Free from the Law of Sin and Death
Men ought always to pray
The Midnight Cry
The Mind in Christ Jesus
"Mine Eyes Have Seen"
Modern Blasphemies (1)
Modern Blasphemies (2)
More About the "Open" Meeting
More than Conquerors (1)
More than Conquerors (2)
Moses and the Critics
"My brethren"
"My Father's Business"
"My Lord and My God"
New Birth and Eternal Life
The New Order
Notes and Comments (1)
Notes and Comments (2)
Notes and Incidents
Notes for Preachers: Open-air Preaching
Notes on John 18-21
Notes on Prophetic Subjects: Shout of the Lord, Voice of the Archangel, Trump of God
Notes on Prophetic Subjects 2: King of the North; Beast and False Prophet
Notes on Subjects of Prophecy: League of Nations, Antichrist and Christ
Notes on the Second Coming
Notes on Service
Notice to Quit
Objective and Subjective
On Both Sides of the Sea
"One Sinner that Repents"
On Eternal Punishment
On Marriage
"On the Morrow after the Sabbath"
Opened Eyes
Our Battle Cry
Our Changed Centre of Gravity
Our Circle and the Lord's
Our Commission
Our Daily Life
Our Daily Lives
"Our Fellowship"
Our God (1)
Our God (2)
Our Great Hope
Our Great Leader
Our Perfect Pattern
Our Resources
Our Standing and Estate
The Outlook
Papers on Prophecy
Peace in the Lord
"Perilous Times"
Playing the Man
Power, Preservation, Permanence
Practical Godliness
"Praising and Blessing God"
Prayer According to the Word
Preach the Risen Christ
Preach the Word
Present Wealth and Future Glory
The Present Service of Christ for Us
Preserved and Perfected by the God of Peace and Power
Press On
Prevailing Prayer (1)
Prevailing Prayer (2)
Prevailing Prayer
Profit and Loss
Purification for Sin
Questions of Interest – Revival
"Quit you Like Men, be Strong"
Readings on John 1
Readings on Psalm 23
Recovery after Failure
Recovery not Reconstruction
"Rejoice and be Exceeding Glad"
Revelation, Experience, Practice
Righteousness and Fellowship
"Rivers of Living Water"
Russia's Place in the Near East
“The Sacrifice of Himself”
Safety, Service, and Song
Salt in a New Cruse
Salvation and Service
Salvation is Needed by All
Samuel Called, Cleansed and Clothed
Saved or Lost
Scripture Notes (1)
Scripture Notes (2)
Searched, Saved, Satisfied
Section 1
Section 2
Sell Your Garment and Buy a Sword
Shorn Locks
Should our Faith be entirely Centred in Christ?
Sins Remembered No More
"Sir, We Would See Jesus"
Slipping Away
Some Blessings in John 1
Some Disciples of the Lord
"Some Have Fallen Asleep"
Some Night Thoughts
Some Remarks on Justification
"Strike Only on the Box"
Studies in Preaching (The Apostolic Sermons)
Subjection, Hope, Trust
Suffering Love
Table Talk
Take Heed
Tell It To the Children
That Blessed Hope
That Terrible Hour
"That They Should be With Him"
The Abounding Grace of God
The Advent of Christ the Saviour
The All-Sufficiency of the Son of God
The Assembly in Administration
The Assembly in Function
The Authority of the Word
The Beginning of Miracles
The Beloved
The Benediction
The Best Robe
The Bible (1)
The Bible (2)
The Bible – A Divinely Perfect Record
The Blowing of the Silver Trumpets
The Bottle or the Spring
The Briar and its Blooming
The Bright Shining of a Candle
The Cause of the Troubles
The Christian and the Trades Union
The Christian Assembly
The Church
The Church – What is it?
The Closing Testimony
The Coming Again of the Lord Jesus
The Coming of the Lord for His Saints
The Conflict
The Confounding of the Critics
The Conscience must be Reached
The Conversion of Job
The Credentials of Our Lord
The Cross of Christ
The Dangers of Maturer Years
The Dead that Die in the Lord
The Deity of Jesus
The Deity of Our Lord
The Deliverer
The Devil and His Activities
The Door of Salvation
The Dove and the Olive Branch
The Drinking of the Cup
The Education of Thomas
The Effect of Prayer on the One Who Prays
The Effect of the True Knowledge of God
The End of the Law
The Exhortations of Scripture
The Father of Lights is Our God
The Father's Love for Us
The Feasts of the Lord
The Fellowship of God's Son
The First Gentile Assembly
The Friend of Sinners (1)
The Friend of Sinners (2)
The Friends
The Fulfilment of Prophecy
The Full Assurance of Salvation
The Glory and the Love of God
The Glory of Christ
"The Glory of God and Jesus"
The Glory that Excels
The Good and Great Shepherd
The Good and the Right Way
The Gospel and Its Preachers
The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
The Grace of the Lord and the Woman
The Greatness of Christ
The Great Pyramid or the Bible
The Gum Trees and the Storm
The Hand of the Lord and His Bosom
The Holy City
The Holy Ghost
The Holy Spirit in the Epistle to the Galatians
The Honour That Comes From God
The Hope of the Gospel
The Image and Likeness of God
The Imprisoned Eagle
The Indwelling of the Holy Ghost
The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
The Invariable God
The Jews and Canaan
The Judgment Which The King Had Judged
The Kingdom of the Prince of Peace
The Kingdoms of this World, the Lord's Kingdom, and War
The Knowledge of Salvation
The Lack of Zeal on the Part of Christian Young Men
The Last Miracle
The Last Two Epistles
The Last Will and Testament of the Lord
The Law and Grace
"The Law of Liberty"
The Life that Overcomes
The Light and the Truth
The Little Negro's Prayer
The Lord and His Disciples
The Lord and the Home
"The Lord … Has Appeared to Simon"
The Lord in the Home
The Lord in the Midst (1)
The Lord in the Midst (2)
The Lord's Care
The Lord's Chief Interest
The Lord's Chief Treasure
The Lord's Death and the World
The Lord's Last Words
The Lord's Return
The Lord's Return in the Acts of the Apostles
The Lord's Supper (1)
The Lord's Supper (2)
The Lord's Supper (3)
The Lord's Supper and the Traitor
The Lord's Twofold Claim on You
"The Man that is My Fellow"
The Marriage of the Lamb and the Bride's Preparation
The Marriage of the Lamb
The Meat that Endures
The Miracles of the Lord
"The Morning" and "Eventide"
"Them That Love God"
"Them Which Thou Hast Given Me"
The Name of it … Marah
The New Relationship and its Resources
"The Next Day After"
The Old and the New
The Old Men Weeping and the People Shouting for Joy
"The Old Text Again"
The Opening of the New Testament
The Order of the Pauline Epistles
The Palestine Settlement
The Patience of Job
The People Standing
The Perfections of Jesus: Prophet, Priest and King
The Person of the Lord
The Position and Condition From Which Everything Can be Rightly Viewed
The Preacher of the Word
The Provision of Christ for His People During His Absence
There am I
Therefore I have Hope
The Rent Veil
"The Rest of our Time"
The Result of Having Christ as our Shepherd
The Righteousness of the Law Fulfilled in Us
The Right Position and Condition
The Royal Banquet
The Rubbish-heap and the Palace Treasures
The Sabbath of the Lord in Your Dwellings
The Salvation of the Canteen Sergeant
The Secret of Abiding in Christ and of a Fruitful Life
The Secret of Helpfulness
These Dead Times
These Testing Times
The Seven Words
The Sin Offering
The Society of the Son of God
The Son of God is Come
The Source of Peace and Energy
The Sower and the Harvest
The Sower, The Seed, and Harvest
The Spirit of Christianity
The Spirit of Prophecy
The Spring of all Devotion to Christ
"The Stone cut out without Hands"
The Sufficiency of Christ Triumphant for the Entire Need of His Body on Earth
The Supper of our Lord
The Supremacy of Christ in the Assembly
The Talk about Difficulties
The Testimony of John the Baptist to the Lord Jesus
The Testimony of the Lord (1)
The Testimony of the Lord (2)
The Testing Time Is a Sifting Time
The Threefold Cry of the Spirit
The Time has Come
The "Together-ness" of God's Family
The Travail of His Soul
The Trespass Offering
The Two Books
The Universality and Power of the Gospel
The Uttermost Part of the Earth
The Victory of Love
The Walls of the Holy City
The Way Home
The Way of Deliverance
The Way of God's Grace
The Way of Joy and Liberty
The Way of Peace
The Way of Victory
The Witness of Simon Peter
"The Woman whom Thou gavest … me"
The Word and the World
"The Word Became Flesh"
The Word of God and the Coming of the Lord
The Work of the Gospel
The Wrong Door
They Departed Quickly … And Did Run
The Yoke of our Lord
"They Went After Them Unto Jordan"
Things Most Surely Believed
"Things that Cannot be Shaken"
Things to Come
This One Thing
"Thou Art … Thou Shalt Be"
Thou Shalt Be Saved
Three Brief Articles on Psalm 23
Three Great Sights
Three Men
“A Throne was Set in Heaven”
"Thy Brother … for whom Christ Died"
"Thy House" and His Dwelling
The Two Josephs
Two Questions on Prophetic Subjects
Trading for an Absent Lord – "Occupy till I come"
To a Young Man in Soul Difficulties
Tobiah, The Enemy
To Every Man His Work
"To the Son of Faith"
Two "Alls"
Unchanging Love
Unity and Praise
Unity not Uniformity
Unspeakable Things
Unwearied Love
Waiting, Watching, Working
"Watchman, what of the Night?"
"We Have Sinned"
"We Know"
"Well-pleasing to Him"
We look for Christ
What Do You Think of it?
What Grace Does for Us
What is Meant by the Lord's Table?
What is Salvation?
"What — know ye not?"
What Occupies Our Thoughts?
"Whence Come Wars"?
"When Ye Come Together"
Where are the Dead?
"Whither Goest Thou?"
Who Glories in Tribulation?
"Whom the Lord Loves"
Whom Will You Follow
Why does not God intervene? And Does God Care?
Why the Lord was Condemned
Wings and Wheels
Within the Holiest
"Woman, Why Weepest Thou?"
Words of Life and Peace
Ye are Christ's
"Ye Are Not Your Own"
You and Me
Your Body
Your Own Salvation
Your Rope's Not Long Enough