Samuel Called, Cleansed and Clothed

Notes of an address to Children

Here are three things, dear children, that took place in the history of Samuel of which I wish to speak to you tonight. They are these. He was CALLED CLEANSED, AND CLOTHED.

In 1 Samuel 3 you will find the account of God's call to him.

He was a little fellow, whose father and mother were God's children, but though he lived with Eli in God's house, he "did not yet know the Lord." That was strange, was it not? And yet I know something stranger still. There are many of my young friends here tonight, and they have lived longer than Samuel, and Jesus has called them many a time, but they do not yet know Him as their Saviour.

Now God, who loves children, did not wish Samuel to grow up without knowing Him. So one night, when Eli had gone to bed and all was quiet, and little Samuel was just going off to sleep, he heard someone call "Samuel! Samuel!"

"That's Eli," he thought, and so up he jumped and ran to him; but it was not Eli who had called. God was speaking to him. Now this took place three times, and Samuel had not yet answered the Lord, who called him; but Eli knew it must be the Lord, and told Samuel how to answer. Then the Lord called again.

Now listen to Samuel's reply when once more the voice was heard, "Speak," he says, "for Thy servant hears." He was now ready to hear what God had to say to him. Children, it may be God has called you many a time, and He wants you to listen to His voice. Do not turn away from Him, for He wants to tell you of the blessing He has for you.

You will remember how the Lord Jesus Christ said, "Suffer the little children to come to Me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God." Well, that same blessed Saviour is still calling the little ones. He wants to have them in His own home, where there is nothing but brightness and joy, and you are among the ones He wants. Have you answered to His call?

I was preaching a little while ago, and while speaking repeated that sweet name "Jesus" three times. When I had finished, a little girl of five years looked up into my face and said, with tears in her eyes, "I did like to hear you say, 'Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!'" There was one who had heard His call, and learned to love His name. I trust you all will do so.

"But," you say, "I am a sinner, and God is holy — how can I be made fit for Him and for His home above?" Yes; that is a question that needs to be answered. Over the pearly portals of God's eternal home are these words, "There shall in no wise enter into it anything that defiles." Now your sins are defiling, and before you can be made fit to spend your eternity with Jesus in the Father's house you must be cleansed from them. How can that be done?

Let us turn to 1 Samuel 1:25. I read there these words, "And they slew a bullock, and brought the child to Eli." Blood had to be shed for Samuel so that be might be before God.

Thus we see that Samuel was not only CALLED, but CLEANSED. Before God could call any of us, blood had to be shed, not the blood of a bullock, but the blood of Jesus. And all need to be cleansed by His precious blood. There is no salvation apart from it. Nothing else can take away your sins.

Your mother can take the soap and water and wash the dirt off your face and off your clothes, but no one can ever wash your soul from sin. It is only the blood of Jesus which can do that.

I do pray every one of you to come to my precious Saviour and to trust Him. He died to save such as you.

Now in chapter 2 verse 19 we read that Samuel's mother used to bring him a little coat every year, so that be was not only called and cleansed; but he was also clothed. I am sure he would be very pleased with his new coat every year.

If you come to Jesus you will be clothed with a robe that will never get old or worn out, so that you will never need a new one. When people believe on the Lord Jesus, God puts the best robe upon them. Do you remember bow Adam and Eve tried to make coverings for themselves? But that would not do for God. If we are to have clothes that will suit the presence of God, He Himself must give them to us, and this He does to all who believe on His Son.