Saved or Lost

SAVED, yes, saved eternally. Pardoned, though guilty; blessed, though hell-deserving. Ring out, ye bells of heaven. Sing aloud your hallelujahs, all ye saints. 'Tis another soul plucked as a brand from the burning Enfolded in the arms of everlasting love. SAVED, yes, saved eternally.

SAVED to dwell in the sun-light of the blissful presence of the One who died, and to shine in the Father's glory-home for the praise of His grace.

What does it mean? This: that the cleansing blood which was shed over 1800 years ago has lost none of its power. And a sinner, foul with the stains of unnumbered sans, has proved its cleansing virtue. There is joy in heaven, and there is joy in the soul of the one just passed from death to life.

But you, my reader, if still unsaved, are a stranger to this joy. Oh! hapless one, in spite of all the warnings you have had, and in spite of all God's long-suffering and tender mercy, you are still unblessed.

Soon, very soon, it may have to be said of you, "He is lost, without hope of recovery; gone, never to return; sunk, never to rise; the soul of the Christ-rejecter has passed into eternity." Shall we hush the bitter wail, lest the ears of the polite be offended? Shall we drop the curtain, lest some be horrified?

Nay! for the sake of deathless souls who are hurrying on to the same doom, we must declare the truth. The funeral rites are over, the earth has closed over the mouldering dust, but the soul of the Christless, what of it? LOST, yes, lost eternally; TORMENTED, aye, beyond power of words to tell.

We may not hush the truth. The lurid flame knows no quenching. Hell opens to our gaze. The damned are there. Unsaved reader, to this doom you are hastening. Flee to Christ. Flee now; delay not. The blood can shelter thy soul. Make haste, make haste.