The Little Negro's Prayer

We had been preaching the gospel in the town of Kingston, in Jamaica.

After we had left the hall, and were on our way home, a little negro boy, about eleven years old, named Felix, touched me on the arm, and said, while the tears ran down his cheeks, "Oh, sir, do speak to me; my soul does feel so unsaved!"

"Poor little fellow!" I replied; "we will tell the Lord Jesus about it," And there on the stones of the street we knelt together to ask the Lord Jesus, who died for such sinners, to save him.

The little negro boy sobbed out, "Lord Jesus, save my soul!" and I doubt not his prayer was answered. He trusted in the Lord Jesus, and though his skin was black, his soul was made white in the precious blood of Jesus. Oh, what a Saviour Jesus is!

I would ask some of my little, white-skinned readers, Have your sins been washed away yet? As God looks down upon you, does He see your heart all covered with black sins? or do you stand before Him made white as snow by the precious blood?

Oh, my dear, unsaved young reader, pray the little negro's prayer today! Say, "Lord Jesus, save my soul!" then those sins, that will keep you out of heaven if not taken away, will all be forgiven and forgotten, blotted out of God's book for ever, and you, and every one else who has trusted the Saviour, will be with Him for all eternity to sing His praises. Little Felix, the negro boy, will be there. Will you meet him