The Old and the New

There is not a greater figure than Moses in Old Testament history, he was Jehovah's SERVANT, faithful in all his house, but he was only a servant, hence when he drew near to the bush that burned with fire, he heard the voice of God saying: "Take thy shoes from off thy feet for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground." The servant must stand unshod in the presence of his Master. But come to the New Testament, and see there that wretch of a prodigal returning to his father. What a story! "Put shoes on his feet," cries his father, "for this MY SON was dead and is alive again, was lost and is found." This is New Testament grace. Not now as servants, with no liberty before the Father and with feet unshod do we stand, but with access and title to His very presence, for the Son has made us free and we are free indeed. The Father's heart and home are ours, and all the freedom of them. Oh! learn the surpassing glory of New Testament grace, beloved children of God. In the Old the greatest and truest man had to remove his shoes in the presence of God for he was only a servant; in the New, the worst of men, the vilest sinner, is shod with the shoes of sonship. This is the glory that excelleth, in which God has shown out the exceeding riches of His grace.