"Whither Goest Thou?"

"Whither goest thou?" is the challenge that I wish to ring in your ears, my reader, as you march onward across the sands of time.

The question is pointed and personal, I know; but it is also one of the utmost importance, for you are most assuredly passing on to some great terminus. You have commenced to travel upon a road which shall have an end somewhere. But where?

God's word speaks of two places only. The one is the home of the Father, the Lamb's bright glory, where the blood-washed shall rest in the blissful presence of their thrice-worthy Saviour throughout eternity. The other is the burning lake, which is the eternal prison of demons, and will be the dark, everlasting abode of all Christ-rejecters.

To one of these two destinations you are hastening. And again I challenge you, "Whither goest thou?"

"Is it heaven or hell for you?" I recently asked a young fellow, at the close of a gospel meeting.

"I don't know," he replied; and the smile of indifference upon his face showed he little cared.

There are thousands like this. They are sharp and shrewd as far as matters connected with this life are concerned, yet their everlasting weal or woe costs them no anxiety.

If you are a salvation-neglecter you are amongst the number. "Give them warning from Me," God has said to His servants, and I take this opportunity of so doing.

Friend, beware! Tomorrow may find you launched into eternity; and if Christless, it must be an eternity of hell's fire and hell's woes.

"I have sold my soul to the devil for a straw" was the cry of a young fellow, as he passed from a Christ-rejecting course here into a Christless eternity.

"They talk to me of crowns and of glory, but I bid them cease. It is Himself I shall be with — Himself!" were the dying words of an aged servant of God. Will you weigh the difference between these two, my reader, and consider


Be no more amongst that company who are going post-haste to perdition.

Turn to the Lord Jesus now. Flee to His open arms. His blood can cleanse from sin. His blood can secure eternal redemption for you. His blood is the sinner's only title to glory. Accept Christ now. Present peace and a bright hope will then be yours.